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Omri Levi


I think the first thing I can say is thank you, to the whole CFB crew and all the athletes that come to the gym and push me to do better every time I come. It’s kind of hard to be the athlete of the month after Jason Sager, tough act to fallow, he’s is an inspiration to us all and I can only aspire to be the athlete he is. When Tina notified me that I was going to be the athlete of the month I was a little shocked, in my head I’m still 5’9”, 196 lb with roughly a million percent body fat. I think it’s going to take me a little more time to get used to the fact that I’m not that person anymore. These days I eat clean and train dirty as the t-shirt says, today I’m more then proud to say (to anyone who would listen) that I lost 36 lb and enjoying every minute of it.

This whole journey started in September of last year, when I decided to lose some weight, a friend of mind told me to try Crossfit and honestly I don’t really know why I didn’t at the time. Like a lot of people I thought I could do it by myself. I was going to start a diet and start running a few times a week, well… that lasted for about 3 weeks. Not only did I gain the little weight I had lost, I gained more! I kept telling myself it’s not the right time, that I work all the time, and it’s only one more pizza…
In December, after a few months of putting off my exercise and diet master plan I went shopping, I walked in to the store and with great confidence picked up a pair of pants, size 34, and proceeded to try them on. After I managed to squeeze myself in to them I took a look in the mirror and my jaw fell to the floor, they were so tight I looked like a balloon in jeans, I stormed out of the dressing room turned to my wife and said “That’s it! Im going to Crossfit, now!” I left the store and on my way to the car I signed up for a free trail, scheduled to begin the following day. At 7:30 PM I walked in to the gym and tried my first Crossfit class with coach Matt Tapply, let me tell you something, he beat me to a sweaty pulp! Light headed and on the verge of passing out I had to leave for fresh air several times and that was only the warm-up! I felt so out of shape and the only thing I could think about was “bring it!” There’s no way in hell I can’t do this. When I got home and every part of my body screamed for help I kept thinking about the fact that I got so out of shape that I couldn’t do the warm-up without pausing every few minutes to catch my breath, I decided to go again and register first thing in the morning.

At the beginning every WOD was harder then the other, and the pounds slowly starting to shed, when I started following the Paleo diet they really came flying off, my sleep apnea stopped completely (a few months earlier I was convinced that I needed to go through surgery for that) and the PRs starting piling up.
I am starting my fifth month of Crossfit and I can tell you one thing, I’m not going anywhere, it has became my therapy session, my church, the best outlet I could find.

To anyone who considers trying Crossfit or thinking about what they can gain from it, it’s not about losing the weight, even though it started that way for me, it’s not the most important thing you will gain from it. It’s about pushing yourself, it’s about not letting your first instinct of “I can’t do it” take over, it’s about looking at something that you wouldn’t normally think you could do and say “I got this”. It starts at the gym and before you know it you find yourself thinking that way in everything that you do, a really strong feeling of “getting things done”.

Thanks to Crossfit I’m healthier, stronger, leaner, and I can even say happier. I can think of so many athletes in CFB that inspire me to come everyday, to push harder each time, and not settle for anything less then crushing every WOD. And I thank them all for that, the coaches, the athletes, and even Meatball.

Thank you.

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