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Fire It Up Friday – 5/24

Another week is in the books. The energy in the gyms this week has been great and I have seen some real improvements in people’s skills and fitness. Enjoy it, celebrate it! Now just don’t sit on it. Get back in and keep working on areas that you need to pay more attention to.

Couple of announcements and schedule changes everyone needs to be aware:

MEMORIAL DAY – 133 Federal Street (Downtown) will be open for 11:30AM class only
114 Western Ave (Allston) will be open for a 2pm class

All are welcome at either location, there will not be a cap on class size. In Allston, members are encouraged to bring some grub and beverages and hang out after for as long as they like. We are not permitted to grill on the premises due to fire regulations but if everyone brings a little something along with them…

See you all on the flip side and…



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