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Gym étiquette When Lifting

Lets Max Something!

There have been some instances lately that left me unsettled.  This is in regards to when someone is lifting weight and what others are doing around them.  Any lift over 80% is going to start taking more and more focus.  If this focus is broken, the lift is probably lost, which is usually going to leave that lifter upset.  You don’t want to be the reason they are upset.  Lets go over some general ground rules for things that would lead to breaking a lifters concentration:

1) BEING in front of them.  This one annoys me the most.  It isn’t about walking around in front of them, if you are within 10-15 feet of being in front of them, in their field of view, you are probably distracting the lifter in some way.  You HAVE to pay attention to whats going on around you in the gym, if someone is about to back squat 500#, don’t stand 5 feet in front of them staring at them, you are not going to help them make the lift, you are more than likely causing them to miss it.

2) Being loud and obnoxious.  Because we have multiple senses.  Vision is now out of the way, if you aren’t in front of someone, then they can’t see you, so you can’t be visually distracting.  But if you are talking about your favorite TV show 5 feet behind them, you are probably just as distracting if not more.  Whatever you have to say can wait 5 minutes, unless if you are bringing up a safety concern to the lifter.

RESPECT the training Environment

I’ve continued to say this time and time again.  You don’t have to be quiet as a mouse, you just need to learn the difference between being a distraction and being encouraging.  Getting people fired up for a lift is great.  Next time you are in the gym, do your best to look around and notice what is going on.  This will not only help you navigate the gym in a safer manner, but will also help every lifter around you hit those big PR’s they were warming up for.

~Coach Serious….is serious about letting people focus on their heavy lifts!