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Gym étiquette When Lifting

Lets Max Something!

There have been some instances lately that left me unsettled.  This is in regards to when someone is lifting weight and what others are doing around them.  Any lift over 80% is going to start taking more and more focus.  If this focus is broken, the lift is probably lost, which is usually going to leave that lifter upset.  You don’t want to be the reason they are upset.  Lets go over some general ground rules for things that would lead to breaking a lifters concentration:

1) BEING in front of them.  This one annoys me the most.  It isn’t about walking around in front of them, if you are within 10-15 feet of being in front of them, in their field of view, you are probably distracting the lifter in some way.  You HAVE to pay attention to whats going on around you in the gym, if someone is about to back squat 500#, don’t stand 5 feet in front of them staring at them, you are not going to help them make the lift, you are more than likely causing them to miss it.

2) Being loud and obnoxious.  Because we have multiple senses.  Vision is now out of the way, if you aren’t in front of someone, then they can’t see you, so you can’t be visually distracting.  But if you are talking about your favorite TV show 5 feet behind them, you are probably just as distracting if not more.  Whatever you have to say can wait 5 minutes, unless if you are bringing up a safety concern to the lifter.

RESPECT the training Environment

I’ve continued to say this time and time again.  You don’t have to be quiet as a mouse, you just need to learn the difference between being a distraction and being encouraging.  Getting people fired up for a lift is great.  Next time you are in the gym, do your best to look around and notice what is going on.  This will not only help you navigate the gym in a safer manner, but will also help every lifter around you hit those big PR’s they were warming up for.

~Coach Serious….is serious about letting people focus on their heavy lifts!

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  1. Michael Deane

    I’m definitely guilty of #1, point taken.

  2. Rebecca MacQuarrie

    I’d like to offer an alternate opinion on this one. While I’m all for respecting one another in the gym, whether someone is lifting or doing a metcon, the reality of CFB is that it’s about GROUP fitness–if you’re someone who gets distracted by people in your line of site or people talking, perhaps group fitness isn’t for you. Additionally, with all the emphasis on being prepared for the unknown and unknowable, shouldn’t the group aspect be something that we embrace? Learning how to focus internally when there are distracting external factors is a good skill that crossfit can help with–and goes toward the goal of preparing people to overall perform better in life.

  3. Austin

    Looks like Rebecca beat me to the comment page after pointing out this post to me…

    So, sometimes I really like gym etiquette posts and sometimes not so much. This one doesn’t feel very constructive, but I really do support the message Tapply. To give perspective, I enjoy Neal yelling ‘have some fucking consideration!!’ at someone passing dangerously close to a person mid-lift. I love Julie shushing people talking loudly right beside someone prepping a lift. (ie: ‘shut the god-damn fuck up!’ – followed by death stare. These reminders, while rough, stick with people and are situational – that’s important! What I am not fond of is a sweeping declaration. CFB is small. A lift done facing any way other than the wall is going to have multiple people within a 15 foot radius. Invariably, others working out are going to be talking about their favorite TV show. Both things come with group fitness, especially the social conversation. An individual lifting has to be capable of a level of focus to deal with that reality. Hence my aversion to a sweeping declaration. That said, I am at on board stepping up the etiquette at CFB and will certainly lend a hand speaking up when I see others distracting a lifter visually or audibly.

  4. Tapply

    Maybe I got overly specific with examples, but we are both referring to the same stuff here Austin. Crowds aren’t distracting in a competition for the unknown and unknowable because its such white noise it really doesn’t end up being a distraction. In this case I was referring to the same stuff you just hinted at. People being way too close to a lifter to be safe or just being obnoxiously loud to the point where Coach Julie has to remind them to STFU. Its just a common courtesy in group fitness that some people may not be aware of if they have never been in an olympic lifting environment. I wouldn’t say that anyone could ever be distracting during a metcon, your world is usually so destroyed in a hard met con, a person could be jumping around in a clown suit in front of you and you wouldn’t notice.

    1. Austin

      Yup Tap. Writing a post to members you need to be too nice,figuring out a blanket statement conveying what you mean without sounding like a douche, etc. Unfortunately, after that effort I feel the individuals you really want to reach stop reading because they don’t want to hear it. At the gym I think you guys should lay in to people. I mentioned Julie and Neal because they both choose ‘teachable moments’ to blow up on someone, sacrificing one animal for the good of the herd, so to speak. (ie:shitting on someone publicly making a point to the group). I like that. Works great for me.

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