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As many of you may have seen, there have been several studies floating around about the evils of… Meat!  According to these studies, it would seem that Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, Mark Sisson, and Chris Kresser, have been wrong and that meat may not be a beneficial component of a healthful diet.  These are some of the names at the top of the Paleo/Primal science front, and these studies seem to contradict everything they have been saying…  In order to be fully upfront, I think how they created the studies themselves was a bit flawed as it is easy to start out with a goal in mind and find the “evidence” to support a specific cause and in the process create a story that the media will flame across the internet.


Here is the Original article from the New York Times…

Culprit in Heart Disease Goes Beyond Meat’s Fat

There have already been multiple outlets that have sufficiently debunked or brought up some serious questions in regards to the finding of these studies.

See Here:

The Red Meat Scapegoat: The New York Times, Carnitine, Heart Disease and Science

And Here:

Red Meat and Eggs on Trial Again, But Jury Is Still Out

You probably know which side of the camp I fall into on this… That being said, take a read of the articles.  If you aren’t willing to take the time to read this stuff and make an informed decision on the topics and only browse a headline here or there, you are doing your healt an injustice.

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