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Training Through Hard Times

Lets Face It, Life Throws You Curve Balls

Between injuries, getting sick, emergencies, work, weather, peer pressure and other outside influences, training isn’t easy.  No matter how good your plan is, someone is always throwing a bone into it.  How you work around those dark times and how you let it affect you mentally is very important.  If you are willing to give up a training day over a little bit of rain, what else are you willing to give up?  This is obviously an extreme example, but I would say the most annoying things to work around are injuries.  You have to be able to listen to your body and find other weaknesses to train until your body is healthy.  Knowing the difference between an injury and soreness is very critical.  Your body is always communicating to you, are you listening?  I never let sore quads keep me from a squat day.  Your warm up time is always an opportunity to learn about whats working and what isn’t, then decide if training is possible.  Is your knee bothering you?  Not the end of the world, work on that bench press that you always avoid.  Also the opposite, are your hands torn to shreds?  Good thing you don’t need your hands to squat.  You can ALWAYS work on something.  If you have these kinds of nagging injuries and you still want to do class, we are always very accommodating about working around those injuries until you are healthy again.  I’ve had people with broken wrists, recent ACL surgeries and many other serious things still take a class.

Mental Toughness

When I think about mental toughness, I think of a story about Steve Prefontaine.  If you haven’t heard it, it is astounding.  He ripped his toe open on a diving board, then went on to destroy a 5k in record time.  Should you destroy your body when its injured?  No definitely not.  This is an athlete who knew what was going on and worked so hard to get where he was that he wasn’t going to let a little pain on his toe keep him from what he does best.  The closer you get to your goals and the harder you work in the gym, the more you will also find yourself, walking through blizzards and hurricanes to get into the gym to train.  Its just a matter if you are willing to do it…


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