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What’s On Tap?

FIRE IT UP BABY!! It’s another Friday and there has been some great excitement in the gyms this week. We finished the cycle of testing lifts and there were a few other tests in there as well. We kicked the week off with some heavy deadlifts on Sunday, Monday we celebrated the life and sacrifice made by Lt. Michael P. Murphy, Tuesday came power snatches, Thursday we tested the broad jump so that we can gauge your speed relative to your body weight and followed it up with “Annie”, and today we finish with the jerk and 2k row.

Whew! It’s a lot, I know. However, everyone has responded very well and I have been impressed with the scores put up by everyone this week. Keep it up! Share your experience this week either here or on the facebook page.

What’s on Tap?

The month of June is going to be spent on improving with work capacity with greater loads. Now that most of you have established new maxes in your lifts we will begin hitting percentages of that max for max reps. What that means is completing as many reps as you can with “great form”. Once the movement becomes bastardized and ceases to look as what it was intended then the set is over.

The intensity (% of max) will continue to increase in a linear progression by 5% each time the movement is programmed.

On the gymnastics side, we will continue to focus on improving on pressing with all planes of movement. That means a healthy dosage of dips, handstand push-ups, and push-ups. It is going to be imperative that you really work on your mobility of the shoulder, pecs, and arms to ensure you can continue to attack the skills and progress.

Our metcons will continue to be constantly varied both in time and modal domains. We will focus on keeping it simple with couplets and triplets while also peppering in some chippers and monostructural WODS too. Basically, classic CrossFit baby!

In addition to our regular programming, starting next weekend (June 9) we are going to do Sunday morning time trials to get some names up on the leaderboard for running. Meet at the Harvard track at 8am to set your new personal best for the following distances and dates:

June 9 – 1 mile TT
June 16 – 3000meter
June 23 – 800m and 400m

Time trial workouts are open to all CFB members-this is your chance to test yourself and set your own personal records to benchmark future workouts and races!

Also, make sure to bring your bike because at 9am after the time trial we’ll hit the road for a social ride. Mileage will range from 25-50 miles and be a nice easy pace (~15mph), a good chance to get used to the saddle and riding the Massachusetts roads. Bring friends, family, anyone with a decent bike who is willing to put in some miles and ride in a group.

So, there is a ton going on right now to get excited about. Look forward to seeing everyone hitting it hard and killing it!


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  1. Matt Finnigan

    Road rides, eh? Awesome.

  2. Bob Duggan

    Neal, thanks for the explanation of the upcoming programming. It is always very helpful to get a “big picture” of coming attractions, and to know why something is being done, and where the focus should be.

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