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Laser Focus

One Hour.

One hour per day is what the majority of those reading this right now have to devote to his/her training. One hour, that’s it. It’s all about you, baby!

You can forget about that deadline for work that your boss is bugging you about. It’s not the time to think about how the trash at home needs to go out or the that kids (if you are like me and have one or more) need a new outfit for his/her upcoming…you fill in the dots.

One hour, it’s all about you! I don’t care if your goal is to win the CrossFit Games or to fit into the new pair of jeans that you just bought for that hot date you have in a couple of weeks. The focus of being in the present moment is critical.

Don’t tune everyone/everything out. No, you need to listen to the Coach of your class. Every class there may be a helpful tip that can make all the difference in your understanding of a movement. That greater understanding will lead to greater performance which will lead you closer to YOUR goals.

It’s FIRE IT UP FRIDAY BABY! Get after it and I will see you in the gym!

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