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“Wanna Throwdown” Update

Finally! Finally we have some tolerable weather. The past couple of weeks have been brutally hot and humid as everyone can attest to. I think we all owe Neal a little gratitude for not programming too many long running WOD’s during that time… although, I am expecting more of those to show up here pretty soon. Also, thankfully the last “Wanna Throwdown” event was inside. Friday was the epitome of hot and humid.

Thanks again for the showing on Friday night. I think everyone knew going into Friday that there would be rowing involved for the event. The WOD looked sorta simple on paper, but I must say that after completing it, I thought I was going to pass out. Those short and fast WOD’s always get me. Here are the results from Friday:

Men’s Rx:

  1. Dave Y.
  2. Dennis T.
  3. Chris S.

Women’s Rx:

  1. Sharon L.
  2. Katie L.
  3. Cori B.

Men’s Scaled:

  1. Lukas K
  2. Kevin W.
  3. Vadim S.

Women’s Scaled:

  1. Sophie H.
  2. Isle B.
  3. Jessie O.

Awesome work everyone. Here are the top 3 overall standings with points going into the last event:

Men’s Rx:

  1. Dennis T.    7
  2. Keith C.       8
  3. Dave Y.       10

Women’s Rx:

  1. Cori B.        5
  2. Anli J.        11

Men’s Scaled:

  1. Lukas K     12
  2. Vadim S.   16
  3. S. Bob        21

Women’s Scaled:

  1. Sophie H.    7
  2. Isle B.          9
  3. Meg A.       17

As you can see there is still some room to make position changes. What’s in store for this Friday? It could be just what you need to take the top spot. Any given… Friday.


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