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Week 2 of “Wanna Throwdown”

Wow! How do you guys like all this grip work? Yesterday we did some farmers carries, and then on Friday we did some more farmers carries. You must hate what’s going on with your forearms right now. Speaking of last Friday, that was a pretty awesome showing from all of you guys. We had 23 athletes going head-to-head, and everybody put up some great scores.

Here are the top three from last Friday:

Scaled Women

  1. Isle B.
  2. Sophie H.
  3. Meg A.

Rx Women’s

  1. Cori B.
  2. Anli J.

… and that’s it for Rx women!

Scaled Men

  1. Lukas K
  2. Kevin D.
  3. James P.

Rx Men

  1. Dennis T.
  2. Keith C.
  3. Jason W.

Great job everybody. I don’t have the cumulative scores from Week 1 and 2 yet, but I’ll have them for this Friday’s throwdown. don’t forget that even though you have missed a WOD in the series doesn’t mean that you can’t compete in any of the upcoming WOD’s. It’s a great time, and a great way to go test what you’re really capable of. A competitive atmosphere will bring out your best! So I’d love to see more of you out there. Just remember that it’s not over ’til it’s over. Holla

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