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Fire It Up Friday – September 27


It was a big week of training with great effort and energy in the classes by everyone.  We are seeing some significant improvement in the olympic lifts and great focus on the weekly skills.  Keep up the hard work!

As a suggestion, if you miss the strength days or the skill of the week days, try to get in some open gym times and get your work in.  The goal is 3 days per week for the skills and at least 3 days for the strength.  As you may notice, each week we have been incorporating the previous weeks skill into the programming.  The more you practice, the easier it will be in the metcon.

On the strength movements, work up to weight that you can perform 10 reps for 3 sets.  It should be a challenge at these weights with you almost failing on the last 1-2 reps each set.  A good ballpark figure to start with is around 70% of your 1RM.  This is not absolute and it is not intended to be a ceiling.  As the lifts cycle through, you will add TEN pounds to your previous load.  For example if you perform 3×10 with 300# on the back squat on Saturday, you are expected to do perform 3×10 with 310# on Friday.  

What’s on Tap

Saturday – 9/28
1. Thruster Ladder
With a continuously running clock, complete 1 thruster on the first minute, 2 thrusters on the second minute, 3 thrusters on the third minute…Continue until you cannot complete the corresponding number of thrusters.  The weight is to be cleaned from the ground to begin each round.

2. Back Squat – 3×10 (straight sets)

Sunday – 9/29
1. CFGames Regional 11.1 TEAM WOD – with TEAMS of 2

Row 750 x 4
50 Handstand Push ups
Row 750 x 4

Teams are made up of two. Athletes will begin lined up behind the rower. They determine the starting order and must stick with that order throughout the workout. At the start, the first athlete moves to the rower and completes the 750m row. He or she gets off the rower and tags the second athlete behind the line. The second athlete then moves to the rower and rows 750m. This continues until both athletes have rowed 750m twice.

Once the fourth row is finished, he or she tags the first athlete, who moves to the wall and performs a set of handstand pushups. At least one rep must be attempted. An attempt begins in the start position and descends until the head touches the abmat. Each athlete must perform at least one attempt, even if all 50 reps have been completed. If the 50 reps have not been completed after all the athletes have performed their first set, they continue performing one set apiece in order. Once the 50 handstand pushups are complete and each has performed at least one set, the first athlete moves back to the rower. He or she may not move past the line until the handstand pushups are complete. It is the same first athlete who rows first, no matter which athlete performed the final handstand pushup.

Monday – 9/30
1. 21-15-9
Double Unders
Power Snatch, 95#/65#
Knee to elbows

2. Power Clean – 6 x 3 ascending weight

3. EMOM 10 – Pull ups (choose a number that you can hit for all 10 rounds) 
Advanced – EMOM 10 CTB Pull-ups

Tuesday – 10/1
1. AMRAP 20
20 Wallball Shots 10′ target, 20#/14#
20 DB Power Snatch, 55#/35#

2. Press – 3 x10 (straight sets)

Wednesday – 10/2
1. For time
Row 2k
15 Bench Press, 135#/95#
Row 1k
10 Bench Press, 185#/125#
Row 500m
5 Bench Press, 225#/155# 

2. EMOM 10 – Pull ups (choose a number that you can hit for all 10 rounds) +1 if you completed all rounds on Monday
Advanced – EMOM 10 CTB Pull-ups

Thursday – 10/3
1. For time each round
5x500m run (2:00 cap)
rest 2:00 

2. EMOM 12 – 2 Clean + 1 Jerk (moderate weight)

Friday – 10/4
1. “Diane”
225#/155# Deadlift
Handstand Push ups

2. Back Squat – 3×10 (straight sets)

3. EMOM 10 – Pull ups (choose a number that you can hit for all 10 rounds) +1 if you completed all rounds on Wednesday
Advanced – EMOM 10 CTB Pull-ups

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