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1. 15-12-9-6-3135#/95# Back SquatPull-ups2. Power Snatch – 6 x 4 reps with ascending weight3. 10 EMOM Handstand Push-upsChoose a number you can complete each round

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1. Teams of 2 Complete 3 rounds for time15 Deadlift, 275#/185#15 Knee to elbowsUsing a staggered start, partner 1 begins on the deadlift and partner two begins on the deadlift as partner 1 moves on to the knee to elbows.…

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1. AMRAP 171 Power Snatch30 Double UndersChoose a starting weight and increase by 10 pounds each round if the double unders are completed unbroken.  Score both weight and rounds completed.2. Accumulate 15 minutes of a free handstand hold

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