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1. Press – 20 minutes to work up to a max for the day2. AMRAP 77 Muscle ups7 Hang squat cleans, 95#/65#rest 5 minutes3. AMRAP 77 Thruster, 95#/65#7 Knee to Elbows

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1. Complete for time…Run 1 mile25 Push ups50 Pull ups75 AbMat Sit ups100 Squats2. Practice pistols and double unders for 20 minutesa. 5 pistols each legb. 25 double unders

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1. Complete reps of 21-15-9 of…DB Hang power snatch, 55#/35#GHD sit-ups2. Superset for 5 sets eacha. Pistols – 3-6 reps each legb. Rope climb – 2 ascents/descents3. Row 500m max effort

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