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The Kettlebell Snatch

The kettlebell snatch is one of the movements most commonly performed incorrectly by the novice crossfitter. Often with good intentions an athlete will attempt to perform the kb snatch the same way they would perform a barbell or dumbell snatch. That is, by pulling the object in a straight line from the ground, keeping the bell close to the body and dropping under to receive. Anyone who has done this knows that the resulting outcome is that the bell snaps around and slaps the back of your wrist, which eventually becomes painful. Try out these suggestions to smooth out the kb snatch.

Hand Position:
The grip should be off set when snatching or performing the single arm swing. Overhand grip the bell on the floor with the thumb and forefinger all the way against one of the horns of the bell. This grip will allow for a shorter turnover at the top of the snatch reducing impact on the back of the arm.

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C/O beyondstrong.typepad.com

The Path of the Bell:

The path of the bell should be an arc.  Just like a single arm swing, the bell is propelled out away from the body and at the top of the arc there is a “punch”.  When punching through be sure to keep a straight wrist and allow the momentum of the swing to continue into the overhead position.

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Overhead Position:

The overhead position is a rest position.  The bell should be supported overhead through proper structural alignment, shoulder and elbow locked out with thumb facing the wall behind you.  To begin the next snatch allow the bell to fall forward while counter balancing the drop with your body.


Coach Jason Gee

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