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CrossFit Boston Master’s TEAM ~ It’s Official!

Two years ago when I first came to CrossFit Boston there was talk of creating a Master’s Team. I think after this weekend we can definitely say mission accomplished. Julie Glover, Kari Tannenbaum, Audrey Huang, Nigel Costello, John Zimmer, and me (Sandbag Ramos) participated in the CrossFit New England Master’s Competition. It was a fun group to participate with and cheer on.IMG_1254

Julie walked away with 7th place in the 40-44 age category. Not an easy group of women to top. We started the day with Horsepower. We had 1 minute for max number of reps on the bench press at 65#. This was followed by 30 seconds of rest, and then 1 minute of max reps of Hang Squat Cleans. Julie pulled out 4th place finishes in both of these events.

In Triple Take she took 9th, 19th, and 8th. Most impressive however was capturing 5th in the bonus round of Snatches at 85# after running an agility course that included jumping over 2 hurdles.

Kari came in 7th place overall in her age category. She will be humble and say there weren’t many women in her category but considering she just had surgery 5 months ago I look forward to watching her get stronger.IMG_0992

Audrey is STRONG! She was so impressive on the power snatches. She came in 18th place over all in her age category. She was steady throughout the day. On the obstacle course she missed going around the last kettlebell and had to go back to finish the WOD. She didn’t lose focus and came back strong with the power snatches.IMG_0870

I can’t say I was very impressive but I had such a great time. I came in 18th place out of 24 women. I have some work to do on my strength and Coach Neal gave some pointers afterwards about mobility and core strength work I need to do. I love competing and this was no different.

IMG_1013Nigel is always impressive. On Triple Take he didn’t slow down on the first WOD, thrusters and pull-ups. He was able to continue the momentum on the bench press in horsepower. He fell over on the Hang Squat Cleans and wasn’t able to continue. Every little mistake costs points and time, which is what makes CrossFit competition more about mental endurance and focus. Even if you’re the strongest athlete, if you lose focus it can get you during the WOD.

John takes the prize for best facial expression! He came in 16th place out of 47 men in the 40-44 age category. No sandbaggers in that group! I think that is something to brag about. It was a tough field of athletes. He was so positive and at every corner cheering all of us on. I haven’t had a chance to train with John much but look forward to getting to know him as we continue to grow the team. He is sure to be a leader.IMG_1179

The best part of the day was all the CFB athletes who came to cheer us on. We can’t thank you enough. We all have work to do but we have great leadership from our top athletes. I look forward to our other teammates getting healthy and stronger. Jason Sager and Shirtless Bob were both injured this time around. I would love to see Judith Donath and some of the other women who have never competed give it a try.

This weekend I will be attending a seminar with Eli Thompson from the Boston Posture Center on fascial training for movement and strength trainers. I will be learning more about how to help the body keep healthy while strength training.  I look forward to sharing this new information with all the athletes at CrossFit Boston.

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  1. Tina Ramos

    Thanks Judith! Next year we want you!

  2. Michael Cahill

    Tina, congratulations to you and team. Very ipressive and inspring!

    1. Michael Cahill

      impressive and inspiring :)

  3. Alex B

    Awesome job guys!

  4. Tiffany

    Awesome work, guys! Kari, I can’t believe you’re already competing!! You’re my idol :-)

  5. Brian Walker

    Congrats guys!! What a great lookin’ team!

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