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What is your Passion?

BC Men's Crew prepping for Head of the Charles

BC Men’s Crew prepping for Head of the Charles

It’s been said that Rowing Is Passion!  Rowing as a sport has been exploding over the last couple of years.  You’ve seen it here in our very own gym.  Do you know any other CrossFit gym that has 16 ergs at its disposal?  I’ve been in touch with many followers of the Renegade Rowing WOD as well as athletes and gym owners who have started their own rowing clubs.  They all have found passion in the hard work, power, and grace that it takes to row.  Have you thought about joining the Renegade Rowing Club?  We will be starting it up again this November and training for CRASH-B’s – The Indoor Rowing World Championships held here in Boston every February.


How do you incorporate rowing into your everyday training and what makes you passionate about this amazing sport?


Renegade Rowing was lucky enough to be interviewed by Alexa Pozniak of Boston.com for a video and article on why rowing can be such a great fitness tool and how local rowers are training for the Head of the Charles.  Having the opportunity to spread my knowledge and passion for the sport with the athletes of Wayland-Weston Crew, Boston College Men’s Crew, CrossFit Boston, and followers of Renegade Rowing is what I live for.  Seeing all of you improve and find passion in rowing is what it’s all about.  Please checkout and share this video and article with your friends and get in touch with me, pat@renegaderowing.com, if you’re interested in the Renegade Rowing Club.

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  1. Tiffany

    Just my 2 cents, Pat’s renegade rowing wods were hands down the reason why i was able to PR my 2K earlier this year at CRASHBs. I would’ve been lost without them! Such great stuff.

    Also, I miss CFB every day, but on days like today, where I’m the odd man out at my gym because I’m actually exerting myself to a breaking point (on the only erg that they have!), i REALLY miss you guys.

  2. Thor Helgason

    I cannot say enough about the improvements in both erg and on-water rowing form that I and many others have experienced under Coach Pat’s expert tutelage.

    Also, Coach Pat’s competing in single sculls at the Head of The Charles this Sunday. His heat’s at 8:00 AM. Let”s cheer him on from the Western Ave. bridge before Sunday’s WOD.

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