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Kevin Ogar

As you may have read or heard, athlete Kevin Ogar of CrossFit Unbroken in Denver, Colorado, was severely injured during this past weekend’s OC Throwdown.  He was performing a snatch that he missed behind and it fell onto his mid back.  This accident severed his spinal cord at T 11-12.  He is in IC and is paralyzed from T 11 down.  

It really is a freak injury as anyone that has spent enough time under the BB performing snatches has probably done the same thing.  I don’t know Kevin personally but everything that I have read about him and have heard about him from those that do know him is that he is a stand out person.

What makes the accident even more tragic is that Kevin did not have health insurance.  A fundraising account has been made to assist in his medical bills.  If you are able to give anything, here is the link to do so: Kevin Ogar.

Kevin Ogar

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