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Sunday 060114

1. Squat snatch - 1RM (20 minutes)2. Run as far as possible in 8 minutes with a partner. Alternate every 500m.While one person is running the other is performing squats while holding a45#/25# plate against their chest.Score distance and total…

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Wednesday 052814

1. For timeRow 1,000 meters Hollow Rock 90 secondsThree sets of… 20 Dumbell thruster to a 10″ box, 40#/25# 3 rope climbsHollow Rock 90 seconds Row 1,000 meters2. Overhead squat 3-3-3Quickly work up to a heavy weight and perform 3…

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Tuesday 052714

Complete the following circuit 5 times for reps. The clock is running continuously and the only rest time is the transition between the movements.1:00 Wall-Ball, 20#/14# to a 10′/9′ target Rest :30 1:00 Pull-ups Rest :30rest 10 minutesComplete the following…

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