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FINAL COUNTDOWN! Bring on the Regionals & Fire It Up!

Carla is about to raise the fire today in Canton, MA. In our conversations this week, she feels as though she is poised to provide her best performances this weekend. This is a victory already in and of itself. In these competitions the only part that can be controlled is your own performance. Give it all! Leave it on the floor. Each and every time.

Give ’em Hell Carla! We are all proud of you.


We will be running normal classes this weekend. There will NOT be any open gym after the 11AM class ends at 12. The doors will close immediately so that I can head down to Canton. Please plan accordingly, showers will not be available.


As you may have noticed the programming has veered slightly from the normal continual effort of just 21-15-9 for time or AMRAP 15. There has been more High Intensity Intervals programmed and some strict movements as well. Why? 

Intervals are one of the most effective ways of increasing work capacity. The magic of CrossFit occurs when you are training at your margins. This is 90-95% of your max effort. This is HARD to do and near impossible to put forth in an extended effort. As time increases, intensity drops. These short repeated efforts with rest between are going to allow some recovery and a sustained high effort.

The strict movements are to strengthen certain muscle groups so they can last longer in the traditional WOD’s. Stay true to them. The boxes/med balls are being used as targets to hammer in consistency of range of motion. These next few weeks will get back to squatting 2x per week and an upper body strength lift in addition to the met cons.


Sunday 6/1

1. Squat snatch – 1RM (20 minutes)

2. Run as far as possible in 8 minutes with a partner. Alternate every 500m.

While one person is running the other is performing squats while holding a 45#/25# plate against their chest.

Score distance and total combined reps as a team.

Monday 6/2

1. Squat Clean 2RM (20 minutes)

2. 50 Sit-ups.
2 minute sprint on airdyne/rower (calories)
Push-press, 1/3 body weight 21 reps.
2 minute sprint on airdyne/rower (calories)
Push-press, 1/3 body weight 15 reps.
2 minute sprint on airdyne/rower (calories)
Push-press, 1/3 body weight 9 reps.
50 Sit-ups.

Tuesday 6/3

Knee to elbows, 15-12 and 9 reps.
20 Dips
Run 400 meters, max effort.

With no rest between deadlift and pull-ups with only 60 seconds rest between superset:
Deadlift 15 reps (body weight)/Pull-ups 15 reps
Deadlift 12 reps (body weight)/Pull-ups 12 reps
Deadlift 9 reps (body weight)/Pull-ups 9 reps

Run 400 meters, max effort.
20 Dips
Hang form bar and touch knees to elbows, 15-12 and 9 reps. 

Wednesday 6/4

Row 500 meters
Clean and Jerk 15 reps (Choose a weight that is at least 60% of your bodyweight)

Rest 3 minutes

Row 500 meters
Clean and Jerk 15 reps

Rest 3 minutes

Row 500 meters
Clean and Jerk 15 reps

Time each couplet and total time to complete all 3 circuits including 6 minutes of rest.

Thursday 6/5

1. Back Squat 5RM (20 minutes)

2. Repeat this circuit three times with a 60 second break between rounds.

Max reps double unders for two minutes
Max reps Pull-ups
Max reps Floor-press, body weight

Friday 6/6

1. Shoulder Press 2RM (20 minutes)

2. 3 rounds for time
Sit-ups, 25
Thrusters (off 10″ box), 25 reps (~25 RM load)
Rope Climb X 5


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  1. Bob Duggan

    Good luck, Carla!! Go get ’em!!

    By the way, Carla’s events today at Regionals are as follows:

    Event 1/2: Heat 2: 1:15 PM – 1:30 PM

    Event 3: Heat 2: 4:15 PM – 4:35 PM

    Event 1: 1-Rep-Max Hang Squat Snatch
    Both men and women will be given three attempts to establish their heaviest 1-rep-max hang squat snatch. Once the Event begins athletes will have two minutes to load weight onto their bar and attempt their first lift. They are then not allowed to lift again until after the two-minute mark. Athletes will have another attempt to lift between the two and four-minute marks, and then once again after the four-minute mark. Athletes may not decrease the weight after a failed attempt.
    After the six-minute time cap, there will then be two-mintues of rest before the commencement of Event 2.

    Event 2: Max Distance Handstand Walk
    Athletes will walk on their hands as far as possible in a three-minute time cap. Competitors will be given two ‘false starts’ if their feet touch the ground before they reach the 10 feet mark. If an athlete makes it the full 120 feet distance to the other side of the stadium, they will be allowed to come down onto their feet, turn around, and begin their return.

    Event 3: Nasty Girls V2 – 3 Rounds for Time: 50 One-Legged Squats, 7 Muscle-Ups, 10 Hang Cleans (175/115lb)
    Athletes must complete all reps in their designated lane within the 16-minute time cap.

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