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Boom! It’s another PR Friday and it is time to FIRE IT UP! FIRE IT UP!

Get after the deadlift today and rip that sh*t off of the floor. BEAST MODE. WARRIOR MODEBe sure to post your results to comments here. This blog is going to become the de facto whiteboard for everyone so you can see each other results. 

What Are You Training For?

Speaking of posting results…If you have not been getting into Pocket Coach and tracking your daily training then you are not really training. You’re just working out. That is ok if you have nothing to train for but if you are here for one of the following: improve performance, lose weight, gain muscle and strength, or for any other purpose beyond get a sweat; then you have no idea how to follow what is going on if you are not journaling the process on Pocket Coach. Get in there, play around with it and become comfortable with it. Don’t use excuses, hold yourself accountable. Your coach will then check in periodically to provide feedback and guidance.


What’s On Tap

Saturday 5/17

1. Dumbbell Thrusters from 10″ box
15 – 12 – 9 reps AHAP

2. AMRAP 10
Push-ups 25
Pull-ups 7
Glute-ham raise 7

Sunday 5/18

1. Back Squat – 6, 4, 2

2. “Tailpipe”
With a partner perform three rounds each for time

250m Row
Front Rack Hold, 140#/95#

Monday 5/19

1. For time.
Row 1000 meters @ a 2:00(2:20)/500 meter pace or greater
Sumo deadlift/high pull @ 1/2 body weight X 21 reps
Row 500 meters @ a 1:45(2:05)/500 meter pace or greater
Powerclean (from ground) @1/2 body weight X 21 reps
Row 250 meters @ a 1:30(1:50)/500 meter pace or greater
Front Squat, 1/2 body weight X 21 reps

Tuesday 5/20

1. Run 6 minutes out/6 minutes back @ your chosen pace (no measure)

2. 3 RFT
Dips, max reps
Lunge 20 Steps
Push-press max reps @ 1/3 bodyweight
Lunge 20 Steps
HS Push-ups max reps
Lunge 20 Steps

Score is time and post reps for dips/PP/hspu to comments.

Wednesday 5/21

1. Run 1 mile

2. Perform 5 rounds, rest as little as possible.

15 Back extensions
15 Knee to elbows

3. For time as heavy as possible:

50 Unbroken Thrusters from 10″ box with dumbbells.
Don’t stop or pause; pump them out.

Thursday 5/22

1. Snatch – 6, 4, 2, 2

2. For time (rest only during transition for the weights, have all weights out already)

15 Squat clean and jerk @ 50% BW
Deadlift @ BW, max reps
15 Squat clean and jerk @ 50% BW
Back squat @ BW max reps
15 Squat clean and jerk @ 50% BW

Friday 5/23

1. Bench press – 5, 3, 1

perform 30 band pull aparts in between each round.

2. Lunge 50 alternating steps with DB’s @ 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 bodyweight and no stopping.

3. Push Press – 5,3, 1

perform 30 band pull aparts in between each round.

4. Glute Ham raise – 15, 12, 9

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Linh Nguyen

    “Warrior Mode”= TRIFECTA PRs! 173#,183#x2,173#x3 AROO!

  2. Neal

    Great job Warrior Linh!

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