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Who’s your training partner? Why should you give a Dam?

Want to be your best?
If you want to be your best you’ll need others to push you and help you be your best in training.  Competitors and Teammates alike motivate us to raise our game and be the best versions of ourselves.  Surround yourself with good people and the possibilities are endless.
Who wants to join Chau in a Sprint Tri?

Who wants to join Chau in a Sprint Tri?

Have you met Chau?
Hi CrossFit Boston folks!  
I’m doing the Dam sprint triathlon on Saturday July 12 in Amesbury.  I’m looking for a buddy to do this race with me because it’s more fun that way.  
If you’re interested, please let me know!  My email is chauly1007@yahoo.com.  
The DAM Triathlon in its 4th year in existence is a sprint distance triathlon to be held on Saturday July 12, 2014 at Lake Gardner in Amesbury, MA.  This sprint distance tri, just 45 minutes North of Boston is the perfect race for any triathlete, beginner to elite alike. This 1/2 mile lake swim is very newbie friendly with a lot of support out there including paddle boarders, kayakers, and lifeguards. After the swim leg is complete, athletes will transition to a 13 mile scenic rolling bike course that travels through some beautiful New England farm country in Amesbury and crossed into Newton New Hampshire. The 3.1 mile run is a quick with a turn around at Woodsom Farm, the course will lead you right back into Lake Gardner where you will cross the finish line.  Cost: $65/person $185/relay team

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  1. Neal

    Go Chau Go!

  2. Neal

    1. 3:43 1k
    4:09 800m (very hilly)

    Total time 8:35 with transition outside

    2. Time was 12:25
    tabata 15 (legs very tired)
    Muscle-ups with feet on the ground (grind through the transition and complete dip)
    Tabata 15 (legs even more tired)

    MAX HR 164
    AVG HR 141

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