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Motivated Monday

“To get to the next level your spirit has to be stretched. Don’t be discouraged by the growing pains. Promotion is a process.” 
— Thema Davis
Being fit. Truly fit. The best shape of your life fit is a journey. Not a destination. It doesn’t happen overnight and it is not entirely physical. It is mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. 
Training CrossFit pushes the individual to train beyond his perceived means. To not quit because there are 8-13 others training right beside you that want to quit, but they don’t so you cannot. The confidence gained from completing tasks you didn’t think you could accomplish, learning new movements, moving heavier weights, carries over into other aspects of life.
If you are reading this and thinking, “Whoa, Neal, its just working out,” then you are not paying attention. This is more than just a workout. This is a way of living. When you walk in the door and see a 5k row and some odd number of deadlifts and handstand pushups you get charged by the challenge and make the determination to give everything you have for that one hour into that training session. You will carry that same attitude and tenacity into the rest of your life; your job, your family.
The numbers at the end of it all don’t matter nearly as much as completion and effort of the task. There are going to be rough patches where progress will seemed to have stalled. Moments where you aren’t sure if you are still improving. Push on.
Victory is walking away knowing you gave it your all. 

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  1. Tom T

    The Journey,I love it!
    See you later today to do something that I have never done before!

  2. Tom Taylor Jr on Facebook

    The Journey, I love it. See you later today to do something that I have never done before!

  3. Linh Nguyen

    I have a love/hate relationship with the rowing machine and must confess I was reciting “legs, body, arms, arms, body, legs” in my head all three glorious rounds. Thanks Neal for lighting me up during the dead lifts to go unbroken!

    m/ Linh

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