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Before your regularly scheduled blog post, a quick announcement: SHOW TUNES WOD: Tomorrow morning, the 7 am class will WOD to a show tunes medley playlist, courtesy of long time member and local food expert Audrey. This WOD will also be…

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Tuesday 061014

1. Front Squat – 3RM2. Perform 2 rounds of this circuit:Box Jumps, 20″ in 2 minutes Lunge 2 minutes, record steps Row 2 minutes for distance Squat 2 minutes, record repsRest 5 minutes between circuits

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Monday 060914

This is the CrossFit Challenge done as a circuit rather than prioritized. We refer to this as the “Vertical Tabata Challenge.”Perform each of the following for only twenty seconds. Rest for ten seconds while quickly transitioning to next movement.Rest for 1 minute…

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