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Twenty Pull-Ups!


Hey guys! As we work on our goats, I’m in charge of ensuring that our pull-ups are in a state of constant improvement. Beginning in September, you will have the option of working on pull-ups every Tuesday after (or before) class. Over the next few weeks, please determine how many strict pull-ups you can currently do to figure out which level you are in. Here are those levels:

Level 1: 0 strict
Level 2: 1-4 strict
Level 3: 5-19 strict
Level 4: 20+ strict
If you can already do 20+ strict pull-ups, you’re not off the hook! Pick a moderate weight dumb bell, strap it on, and figure out how many pull-ups you can do with that!
Peace and bacon grease,


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  1. CrossFit Boston on Facebook

    During this morning’s 6 am class, the discussion arose as to whether moose sleep standing up or lying down. Turns out, they sleep on the ground! Proof: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife_pdf/moose1.pdf

  2. Erik Balsbaugh on Facebook

    Those are lazy New York moose. Hearty New England moose sleep standing up. New York moose eats too much pizza.

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