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Hey guys! Our annual holiday party is happening this Saturday at 6 PM at Daedalus (45.5 Mount Auburn Street, just outside of Harvard Square). It looks like we’re going to have about fifty people so it’s bound to be a great time. I’ve been getting lots of questions/hearing lots of chatter about what people will be wearing and guidance is “smart casual” and dressier. NB: I *did* hear a rumor that Coach Jen may be going backless that night…

There will be a pre-party at Tasty Burger (40 JFK Street, Harvard Square) at 5 PM. The plan is to pop in, grab a quick bite and then head on over to Daedalus by 6 PM. After enjoying some bubbles and sweets at Daedalus, the plan is to head to the Hong Kong, where the floors will be sticky and dancing will be dirty. Need I say more? Oh, please do declare your intentions HERE. In addition to the folks on the FB event, we’re expecting:

Pencilneck +1

Santa Claus

FB-official couples


Audrey +1

FB-unofficial couples


Chau’s +1

Meatball +1


Paul Walker


Finally, we’re doing afternoon tea again on Sunday, December 7th at 4 PM. Last time we did Linda and this time, who knows? Maybe if we play our cards right, we’ll get some female representation… #TheBestThingsInLifeAreTea


Peace and bacon grease,


01 Dec 2014


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1a. Strict handstand push ups – 3 x 3.3.3
1b. 3 x Unbroken toe 2 bar, rest 1:00

2. Row 1000m

rest 10 minutes

Row 1000m

01 Dec 2014


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Hey Ya’ll! 

Happy Monday!

Back to the grind, working hard, and giving your body some peaceful attention! That means MOBILITY, NOT “STRETCHING”! So, here is our direction this coming week, we are on for Wed. and Sat. YOU are going to pay attention to your entire body. I want everyone to shoot me an email, and let me know by Tuesday night, where you need to give your body some extra LOVE! The more I know the more you will seek happiness! 


“Our mind is our instrument. Learn to be its master and NOT its slave. It may be hard before it is easy but with an open mind, you will capture the feelings in knowing life is endless.” – J. 

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01 Dec 2014

The Week In Training

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Welcome back from the long weekend of food indulgence! Here is what we have going on this week. There is an emphasis on time under tension and tempo squats in addition to short, high power conditioning. Be sure to choose your weights correctly so that you can complete the conditioning in the correct time, heavier may not be better.

Monday 12/1

1a. Back Squat – with a 21×2 tempo, women 5×8 @ 85%/men 5×5 @ 85%, rest 1:00
1b. Dips – with a 21×2 tempo, 4×5, rest 2:00

2. Complete reps of 21-15-9 for time (8 minute cap)
Front squat, 155/105

Tuesday 12/2

1a. Strict Handstand Push-ups – 3×3.3.3
1b. Toe 2 Bar – 3 x max unbroken reps, rest 1:00

2. Aerobic Power
Row 1000m

rest 10 minutes

Row 1000m

PR Wednesday 12/3

1a. Bench Press – with a 21×2 tempo, women 5×8 @ 70%/men 5×5 @ 70%
1b. GHD Sit-ups – 4×10, rest 2:00

2. “Annie” (10 minute cap)
Complete reps of 50-40-30-20-10 of:
Double Unders
AbMat Sit ups

Thursday 12/4

1a. 5 x Max pull-ups
1b. 5 x max reps thruster, 95/65

2. EMOM 12 

4 Power Clean (not touch and go)
1-4 60%
5-8 65%
9-12 70%

Friday 12/5

1a. Deadlift – with a tempo 21×2, women 5×8 @ 70%/men 5×5 @ 70%, rest 1:00
1b. Ring Rows – with a tempo 21×2, 4×8, rest 1:00

2. AMRAP 10

15 KB swings, 24kg/16kg
15 Burpee

Saturday 12/6

1a. Push Press – 3×5
1b. Pistols – 4×3 each leg

2. 3 rounds for time
8 Shoulder to overhead, 115/75
16 Knee to elbow
24 Air Squats

01 Dec 2014


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1A. Back Squat – women 5×8, men 5×5 @ 85% with a tempo of 21×2
1B. Dips – 4×5 with a tempo 21×2

2. Complete reps of 21-15-9 for time
Front Squat, 155/105

So I know I’m not the one who normally talks about food, but I was browsing the interwebs and stumbled upon this article. It’s a pretty short and interesting read. I think we sometimes reject others’ perspective because of our preferences and preconceived biases. I challenge you to read this with an open mind, regardless of whether you adhere to the paleo diet/lifestyle or the “see-food” diet (like myself as of recently). I know that food is a pretty sensitive topic for most people, but we must realize that science is constantly changing our working knowledge of what, when and how we should eat for both general health & fitness and performance. Does this stir-up any visceral emotion/reaction in you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

29 Nov 2014


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Teams of 2
1.Complete For Time …
500m Farmers Carry (Total Team Weight, Split Up As Needed) (Must Stay Together)
2k Row*
100 Burpees Over the Erg Rail*
100 Air Squats*

*1 Person Working at a Time:

2. Partner Gymnastics Skills:
15min – Handstand Balancing/Hand Walking Practice

28 Nov 2014


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1. Shoulder Press
5 reps @ 60%
4.4.4 Strict pull-ups, rest 2 minutes
5 reps @ 70% Strict pull-ups (ahap), rest 2 minutes
5 reps @ 80% Strict pull-ups (ahap), rest 2 minutes
Max Reps @75%

2. Complete For Time …
Toes to Bar
KB Swings (1.5/1)
Between Rounds Complete:
6 Box Jumps (24/20)

27 Nov 2014


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Home WOD
1. Run 1 Mile

2. EMOM10
5 Push Ups
5 Jump Squats
5 V-Ups

Yesterday my Abigail’s, my 4.5 year old daughter, school performed their Thanksgiving Celebration in grand style with a performance that played out the First Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to see the hard work she had put in by practicing to and from school every day now the last 4+ weeks pay off. She was having a blast up there and she and her classmates did an excellent job.

I mention this not to brag about my daughter, though I am happy to do so, but rather it led me to think about what I am most thankful for. It’s sad that this is probably the single time where many actually express their gratitude out loud. Here goes:

  1. I am thankful for each you as members of our community. You trust the Staff and I in leading you to a lifelong pursuit of health and fitness. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously. We have the ability to change lives and that is what we try to do each day while being the best part of your day. No small task. Thank you for the challenge and continuing support!
  2. I am thankful for my Staff. I appreciate your efforts to give more to each member of our community. Your professionalism is inspiring. Your efforts to improve your skills is enduring and I wish you all continued success!
  3. I am thankful for my family. My two girls for keeping me grounded and reminding me that when I walk through the doors at home, they are my priority. My wife for being such a rock and weathering the good and not so good. You all are my continued drive to create something even greater than I can imagine.

I hope that each of you enjoy the next couple of days and that you have the opportunity to express your thanks and gratitude to those dearest to you. 


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