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12 Jun 2014

Friday 061314

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1. Max Dips – TEST

2. AMRAP 20 
Run 400m 
Max reps L Pull-ups

Here’s the RRT on Monday finding some rhythm in the Quad…


Do you have what it takes to Race?


RRT Boat PressHave you ever seen an eight racing at top speed?  Are you interested in experiencing that for yourself?  Can you follow?  Can you push yourself?  Can you push others?  Do you have discipline? Will you work hard and find a way to push on even when pain and that little voice inside your head tells you to stop?


Then you should tryout for the Renegade Rowing Team.


We’ll be training twice a week starting mid July and racing in September.  More details are on their way.


Comment if you’re ready!  Tryouts in July!

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11 Jun 2014

Thursday 061214

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1. Max Pull-ups – TEST

2. Power Clean max weight for 15 reps 
Tabata Squats, total reps as your score 
Power Clean max weight for 15 reps 
Tabata Squat, total reps

11 Jun 2014


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Before your regularly scheduled blog post, a quick announcement:


SHOW TUNES WOD: Tomorrow morning, the 7 am class will WOD to a show tunes medley playlist, courtesy of long time member and local food expert Audrey. This WOD will also be a chance to say goodbye to running coach Rachel Weiker, who is moving to DC for work. Show tunes are non-negotiable but singing/dancing are optional.


10560910_397e2544d8_zI always encourage paying attention to what you eat. Read the labels on all 7 BBQ sauce bottles in the grocery store before you choose the best one. Ask the butcher if the meat is grass-fed or not, or if he knows where it came from. I even wrote about how it is OK to be a pain in the butt about your diet. But I also know that the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) has recently written about “orthorexia nervosa”, a new type of disordered eating (but not yet an eating disorder) . Essentially, orthorexia is the obsession with eating otherwise healthy foods, or a “fixation on righteous eating” (according to an article on NEDA’s website). You might consider someone who brings a tupperware of eggs, bacon and vegetables to brunch at a restaurant with friends, or someone who will not eat if they are hungry because there is nothing healthy enough around, or someone who refuses to join friend socially because they will be tempted to eat/drink something unhealthy, as orthorexic. You might also consider this person “dedicated to achieving their goals”. It seems like it’s a fine line between “a fixation on righteous eating” and simply paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. It’s important to pay attention, of course. It’s also important not to abandon all social interaction and beat yourself up over a cookie every now and again. 


What do you guys think? Is “orthorexia” a real problem, or should we all be a little more obsessive when it comes to our food?


Photo c/o Alaina Browne

10 Jun 2014

Wednesday 061114

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For time & load:

Run 400m 
15 Back squat, 15 rep max weight 
10 Handstand Push Ups 
10 Back squat, 10 rep max weight 
8 Handstand Push ups 
5 Back squat, 5 rep max weight 
6 Handstand Push ups 
Run 400m

09 Jun 2014

Tuesday 061014

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1. Front Squat – 3RM

2. Perform 2 rounds of this circuit:

Box Jumps, 20″ in 2 minutes 
Lunge 2 minutes, record steps 
Row 2 minutes for distance 
Squat 2 minutes, record reps

Rest 5 minutes between circuits

09 Jun 2014

Monday Motivation

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“Never be afraid to act. You never know how far away you are from your goal — sometimes just reaching out and putting in a little bit of effort can be enough. And, even if it’s not — you tried, and that’s far better than just sitting and waiting for a chance to present itself. If you want to achieve something you have to act, you have to take risks and you have to believe in yourself.”

- Author Unknown

That is such a powerful quote. There are millions of people that sit and do nothing each and every day. They dream about the life they want. The job they want. The house they want. Yet, they still never do anything to get there.

What are you looking to achieve? Do you want to get your first muscle up? Have you been researching online how to do so and then developing the skills and strength necessary to perform one? Daily? How bad do you want it?

Maybe there is a position open at work that will be promotion and opportunity to challenge yourself and bring in reward. Are you studying the craft necessary to win the job and be wildly successful at it? Why not?

Her first successful muscle up! The crowd of 4000+ was louder than at any other time. She didn't win the 2009 Games but she won the hearts of all because she put in so much effort.

Her first successful muscle up! The crowd of 4000+ was louder than at any other time. She didn’t win the 2009 Games but she won the hearts of all because she put in so much effort.

Annie Thorisdottir continuously failing her attempts to perform her first muscle up

Annie Thorisdottir continuously failing her attempts to perform her first muscle up

08 Jun 2014

Monday 060914

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This is the CrossFit Challenge done as a circuit rather than prioritized. 
We refer to this as the “Vertical Tabata Challenge.”

Perform each of the following for only twenty seconds. Rest for ten seconds while quickly transitioning to next movement.

Rest for 1 minute after each round and repeat seven times for a total of eight rounds. Total your weakest output from each exercise from all eight rounds. This time your rowing score is in calories.


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07 Jun 2014

Sunday 060814

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Teams of 2 (same gender) Relay Style

For Time: 
Row 500m 
21 Pull-ups 
15 Overhead swings, 24kg/16kg 
Run 400m 
21 Dips 
15 Power Snatch, 75#/55# 
30 Burpees 
21 Squats, 95#/65# 
Row 500m

06 Jun 2014

Saturday 060714

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For Time

Row 250m 
21 Push Press, 95#/65# 
Row 500m 
15 PP 
Row 750m 
9 PP


Deadlift – 3RM (20 min) 
Work up to a max set of 3 for the day

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