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3 Tips For A Happy, Balanced Thanksgiving

I was going to write something about keeping the holiday healthy, but that’s been done before, by me and everyone else with a health, nutrition, or fitness related platform. Thanksgiving is a holiday to be shared with family and friends, not one spent worrying about how many calories are in the sweet potatoes. So instead of a “healthy turkey day” post, I figured I’d share my 3 tips for keeping it together during holiday feast times.

1. Workout – every year we gather the willing family members for a workout. The past few years we’ve done 800 meter runs with a ladder in between, for example:
800 meter run, 50 seats, 800 meter run, 40 sit-ups, 800 meter run, lunges, 800 meter run, 20 pushups, 800 meter run, 10 burpees.

This year we’re participating in the Middletown “Pie Run” (I don’t think this run involves any actual pie but Patrick is hopeful) but there is a turkey trot or some such race practically everywhere. Whatever it is, do something active on Thanksgiving.

2. Eat at least one green vegetable – There’s typically so much starch every year, but adding one green vegetable to the plate displaces some of that and gives me some extra vitamins too.

3. Go out on Friday – In many cases there will be leftover food and family still around on Friday, but it’s important to get out and do something. We usually head into NYC for some sightseeing the Friday after Thanksgiving. The point really is to get off the couch, walk around, go shopping, buy a Christmas tree, hit the gym, whatever. Taking just a few days off can make it that much harder to get back into things on Monday.

Gobble gobble, y’all.

Image c/o Steve Corey

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