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Strength Class Update

Hey everyone. There are gong to be some changes made to the strength class, and here are the deets.

It will still be M,W,F evenings and T,F mornings. However, for the remainder of The Open, both Friday classes (AM and PM) are going to be opportunity for you to do that weeks’ Open workout if you aren’t able to make it for the Saturday team workout. (Please try to make if for the Saturday class as much as possible. We do understand that not everyone will be able to make every Saturday.) It will not be coached per se, though there will be a coach around if you have questions.

We are transitioning to a 5/3/1 programing. The next two weeks are going to be “testing” weeks where you should choose two upper-body (press, push press, bench press) and two lower-body (back squat, front squat, deadlift) of which you will be finding a current 5RM. You will then use that as your “1RM” for the beginning of the new cycle. Sounds crazy, but you will thank me later, I promise! 

After the two testing weeks, I will simply program upper-body or lower-body days. This will allow you to follow along without getting lost in the programming if you miss a class. That means that there might be some people doing deadlift, some BS and some FS on lower-body days. You will be provided assistance work that will accompany the type of day (i.e. glute-ham raise for LB day or dips for UB day for example).

If you’ve never done or heard of 5/3/1 it progresses from week to week with increasing intensity and decreasing volume. You traditionally work 4 lifts per week (2 upper, 2 lower), but we are going to spread it out over a slightly longer period. This does not alter the efficacy of the program, and might even make it more likely that you get the full benefits of the program since you aren’t required to do the strength class 4x/week in addition to CF classes.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new programming!

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