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Context: Practice
Mobility: Ankle (playlist video here)

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 min working up to a heavy deadlift with a 2″ deficit (standing on a 2″ spacer or bumper plate).  Only do deficit if you have the range of motion to get that low safely. Do not work up to more than 70% of of your max.  Drop from the top each rep.

Metabolic Conditioning: “57 Chevy“
For time

15 deadlifts (35% of your 1RM DL)
200m run
15 front squats (same)
800m run
15 front squats
400m run
15 deadlifts
200m run

Scaling Guide: 8 – 15 minutes.
Log your results online by clicking here.

Coaching Tips: Don’t sacrifice spine stability because you are winded!  Jog in from the runs and take a moment before picking up the bar.  Break the sets up early if you feel like you are having trouble using good form.  The total distance on the run is one mile, so pace the running at or just a bit faster than what you might run a mile in.  Squat cleaning the first rep of a set does count as one of the front squats.

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