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3 Tips To Keep Your Thanksgiving Healthy-ish

photo-1461037506617-211749beac60Every year, people who create content in the health, nutrition, and wellness fields write some variation of “stay healthy during the holidays”. It’s all been done before, by me and everyone else. But Thanksgiving is a holiday to be shared with family and friends, not one spent worrying about how many calories are in the sweet potatoes. So instead of a “healthy turkey day” post, I figured I’d re-share (I said this last year, too, but many of you weren’t loyal blog readers yet) my 3 tips for keeping it together during holiday feast times.

1. Workout – every year at Thanksgiving, we (Pat and I) gather the willing family members for a workout. The past few years we’ve done the “Gobble Gauntlet,” featuring 800 meter runs with a ladder in between.

Gobble Gauntlet
800 meter run

50 seats

800 meter run

40 sit-ups

800 meter run

30 lunges

800 meter run

20 pushups

800 meter run

10 burpees

One year we went running, and last year we participated in a turkey trot. I think this year, we’lll do Deck of Cards WOD (I’ve linked to an app here, but you can also just use a regular old deck of Bicycle Cards and a pad and paper) or repeat the Gobble Gauntlet. Whatever it is, do something active on Thanksgiving – it’ll mitigate the caloric damage of the big meal, limit the number of days off around the holiday, and make you feel better.

2. Eat at least one green vegetable – There’s typically so much starch every year, but adding one green vegetable to the plate displaces some of that and gives you some extra vitamins too. My family makes green beans with toasted almonds, but Brussel sprouts or salad are also good options. Reminder: a green vegetable inside a heavy casserole doesn’t really count.

3. Go out on Friday – In many cases there will be leftover food and family still around on Friday, but it’s important to get out and do something. Even shopping. We usually head into NYC for some sightseeing the Friday after Thanksgiving, and we rarely use cabs or the subway unless we have to (like, to get from Central to Battery park). I love getting out and just walking around. The point really is to get off the couch, walk, run, go shopping, buy a Christmas tree, hit the gym, whatever. Taking just a few days off can make it that much harder to get back into things on Monday.

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