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Grains – The Great Debate

Every day, I mean each and every day, someone asks me if they should eat grains. They ask if I eat grains. Are grains the evil that it is portrayed as being? This is the great debate for sure. I think certain grains can play a crucial role in our diets. This article by Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition can speak to many of the points presented on the “To eat grains or not to eat grains” question.

Take a look at it and make your conclusions. You can read the article here.

When you get to the bottom you will see information about Precision Nutrition Coaching. We partnered with Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach platform back in August. We have quietly been running an alpha program with a small population and we are ready to roll it out to the masses beginning in January after the new year. The program is solid and they continue to add new upgraded features. If you or someone you know has struggled with his or her nutrition and could benefit from some personal coaching, this program will help them for certain.

We chose to partner with Precision Nutrition because it aligns with what we believe as a company. That what we do here in the gym is to support a great life outside of the gym. There are so many nutrition camps out there with many being so rigid. Extreme changes are often the name of the game and too often they just are not sustainable or they may result in clients forming an unhealthy preoccupation with their food. Eating should not be an additional stress in our lives. Simple behavior changes, over time, can be very powerful. Here is a video of people that have benefited from this style of coaching. If you are interested in learning how you can get on board with our nutrition coaching, shoot me an email.

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