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The Pause Button

January is now in its last week. If you happened to make a New Year’s Resolution, how is it going? Are you progressing towards making it a reality? Or has it been put on hold. I read a great article this week about the dreaded “Pause Button Mentality”, written by John Berardi of Precision Nutrition.

pause button

Here is an excerpt:

Let’s accept that life has no pause button.

The key lesson here is that, like it or not, the game of life keeps going. There is no timeout.There’s never going to be a moment when things are magically easier.You can’t escape work, personal, and family demands. Nor can you escape the need for health and fitness in your life.

Here’s a thought experiment:

What if you tried to hit pause in other areas of your life?

Imagine you’re up for a big promotion at work. For the next two weeks, all you want to do is focus on mastering an upcoming presentation, and winning over your boss. Trouble is, you’ve got two young children at home who tend to grasp, koala-like, onto your legs and demand your full attention.

Honey, you say to your spouse, I’m just gonna press pause on being a parent for now. I’ll be staying at a hotel. Don’t contact me.

I don’t know about you, but that would NOT go over well in my family. You can’t really press pause — and you definitely can’t hit reset — on being a parent. (You’ve thought about it, though. I know you have.) Just like you can’t stop showing up for work and expect not to get fired. Or “take a break” from being married and not wind up divorced. Generally, when it comes to life, we know we’re not always going to be on our A Game. Sometimes we’re superstars. Most of the time we just do our best.

We muddle through. We keep going.

So why do we expect it to be any different with fitness?

With so many demands coming from every angle in our lives, why is it so easy to push off our own health and wellness? Do some have an extra body in the closet that they can just drop their brain into when their current body craps out? How can you continue to have success if you don’t take care of yourself?

I write those last sentences in half jest. I am continuously amazed at decisions being made to drop $100+ dollars for one night at a bar, yet hesitation to invest that same $100+ into themselves that will yield a return for many years to come.

If you struggle with the Pause Button Mentality, or if you know someone that does, please send them this article to read: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/pause-button-mentality. If they are close by, tell them to give us a call here at Our Crew Fitness. Even better, bring them in to meet us personally.

Life is short. We only get this one chance. Live Life!

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