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The Role of A Coach

Here at Our Crew Fitness, we pride ourselves on being Coaches, not just being a group class instructor or a trainer. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those roles but we believe there is more to your success than those can provide.

First, what exactly is a trainer or a group fitness instructor? The primary role of a trainer or a group instructor is to manage the class or session. Get you through point A to point B. During this period of time, he will review some movements and and provide some cues with expectations of the movement. He is going to make sure you are moving safely and not going to cause harm to yourself. In addition to this, he may see it his responsibility to motivate those in his sessions or classes. These are the basic roles of a trainer or group instructor.

How is this different from a Coach? True, the coach will share these responsibilities as well but to a lesser degree. The primary role of a Coach here at Our Crew Fitness is to develop a relationship with each client individually. Managing that relationship and assisting the Client as life changes is primary. Motivation is not as necessary when you tell someone the true person you want to become. Remembering that reason every time doubt creeps in or you may think its too hard will be all of the motivation you need.

We see it as our duty to make better humans. We deliver this through fitness and movement. By leading our Clients to improved fitness, they become the person they desire to become. It may translate to a better relationship with her partner. It may result in more productivity at work and therefore a promotion, which leads to more opportunities to travel, etc. It may result in more energy to be able to keep up with his two young children after a long day of work. The list is infinite.

Unfortunately, life gets hard sometimes and maybe you don’t have 3-4 hours to devote to your fitness each week. Our Coaches will work with you to get the most out of what time you do have. Will you get the best training of your life? NO! Is it better than quitting altogether? YES! That is what a Coach does.


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