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Winter Blues

When Old Man Winter finally arrives and dumps snow on us by the feet and the days are short and dark, it is easy to develop the winter blues. It is critical to get out and move. Our bodies are meant to move and we feel best when we do just that.

We are not much different, in that capacity, than a husky. These dogs were bred to pull sleds, to work. Too much time away from this work and they begin to express depression, misbehave, and create problems. Humans used to perform a great deal of work and move daily. Way back to hunter and gatherers to the beginning of farming. Labor kept people both physically and mentally fit.

In modern society, everything is much more convenient. Most of us don’t have to go and hunt for food. There are no farms to tend and crops to harvest. Our lives are more sedentary, cars or public transportation provide access to almost anywhere we want to go. This very convenience and “advancement” has contributed to a soft society that is more susceptible to poor mental and physical health.

What to do? Get out and move every day. Go to the gym, run, snowshoe, hike it doesn’t matter. Just get out and move. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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