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Old Man Wisdom

This one is for the members 30 and above. You young-uns under 30 can’t/won’t appreciate it yet so skip this one. 😉

Reduction in recovery capacity- less stimulation, more active recovery

The first thing to remember is that, as you age, you can still TRAIN for the same number of hours a week, but the BREAKDOWN of the training has to change. When you’re 20, training for 10 hours a week, 9.5 hours are training for an adaptive effect, 0.5 hours are rehab/prehab.  By the time you’re 60, you can still train for 10 hours, but as few as 4-5 may be for adaptive effect.

The reasons are two-fold.  First, your body will take more time to get moving.  Your heart rate doesn’t get as high as quickly (so warming up for cardiovascular training takes longer). Your peripheral blood flow isn’t quite what it was, so even your joints take longer to warm up (synovial fluid may decrease, calcification around bones can limit movement, etc.).

Second, the most critical thing is, you CANNOT AFFORD TO F*CK YOURSELF UP.   As we get older, we replace piss and vinegar with mastery, and while the former can cover up a lot of mistakes, the latter will stop you from making those mistakes in the first place. We need to understand this- realize that our movement quality needs to improve.  Our first loaded rep should be as textbook as our last, even on warmups.  Ingraining perfect form from start to finish, because the external load is no longer the ONLY insult you’re inflicting on yourself.  The simple act of moving unfavorably can cause issues as we age, for all the reasons mentioned.  No sloppy reps, no careless warmups, those rapacious rapscallions with their hip hop and their baggy jeans can get away with that nonsense because their background level of activity may be higher, they are more robust in general, and most importantly, their healing process is faster.  They may be incurring minor injuries every time they train because of their shite form, but their recovery capabilities have those totally sorted by the next time they exercise.  For the rest of us, those start to accrue.

Read the rest of the article here with some very solid grounded tips.

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