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How To Become More Productive, Part 1

Productivity is KING right? I am not talking about busyness, but bonafide hit the important tasks that need to be accomplished on a day to day basis. Lets be real honest, most of our day is occupied with busyness and not real productivity.

Not you? Hmm? How many times have you watched that “adorable” cat video that came across your Facebook feed and you have shared with all 3000 of your friends on FB instant messenger? Or what about the 20 text you have received and replied to from your spouse, mother, or significant other? Regardless, those activities are not what this blog post in Part 1 is going to focus on. I will save that for later in the series.

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Instead today I want to focus on what can really be the MOST important factor in helping you achieve more productivity. Ready? Drumroll please…EXERCISE!!!!

That’s right. I know you may be thinking right now, how can something that takes me away from my work or studying actually going to improve my productivity? Here’s how: by exercising you will be more focused, have lower stress, improved mental stamina, sharper learning curve, and are more creative. You can follow the links to read more on the research here and here.

image courtesy of forbes.com

image courtesy of forbes.com

Making sure you are active each and every day is probably the MOST important factor in how productive you will be at work or just in life. Don’t get caught up in the type of exercise, though I know of a fitness facility located at 100 Holton St, Allston, MA 02134 that can help you get a plenty of activity, instead make sure you are doing something. Everyday. When you have gotten a better grasp on your schedule and you are ready to put in a greater commitment, then you can focus a little more on what you are doing for exercise.

In Part 2, I will focus on some additional behaviors to help with productivity.

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