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Life – Its About Quality

I am all about living a great life. Are you familiar with our tagline? “Wicked Fit For Life”! Listen, you only have so much time on this planet. Don’t you want to make sure you get the most out of it? Don’t you want to do things you enjoy? Of course you do, right?

Well, in order to do things you love and enjoy, you need to have the discipline to do the things that give you the freedom to do them. You may not love those things, in fact you may hate them. That’s ok. You don’t have to love everything you do. They can be a means to an end. BUT, you have to do them.

Eat your vegetables. Wouldn’t I LOVE to just eat peanut butter cups all day and have great health? Um, yeah but I know that isn’t realistic.

Get up early and be productive. Sure, sleeping in is great but the rest of the day is spent trying to catch up and reacting to every “fire” that is thrown in front of you.

Exercise! Your body is meant to move. It doesn’t always need to be a super intense, move some heavy shit, kick ass-fest. Sometimes its just walk out of your door and be present in the moment for 30-45 minutes.

Get to bed early so you can RECOVER! I love to binge on the first 6 seasons of Game of Thrones as much as the next geek but come on, you need to start prioritizing your sleep. There is so much magic there. If you tell me you are a night owl, I call bullshit! Start rolling back your sleep time 15 minutes at a time until you get to bed at a reasonable hour.

All of these things are about DISCIPLINE. Not motivation. You see motivation comes and goes. What spurred me to write this post today was because I heard it 3 times this morning, “I didn’t want to get up and come in today but…” The victory is that all 3 people made the choice to come in despite not wanting to. They had the discipline. If you waited on motivation all of the time I bet you would take action less than 50% of the time. That’s how fleeting motivation is.

One more story. My client Morry, that’s him in the video above, mentioned that more than 9 years ago he was having a conversation with one of my coaches at my wedding. During that conversation he stated that he realized that “exercise was going to be a lifelong endeavor.” A new thought to him at the time. The coach quickly responded by saying, “Have you ever been to a nursing home? Did you like what you see?”

The point of this entire rant being YOU have the CHOICE to make sure that your time spent here on Earth is one with great quality and joy, or you can spend it in a nursing home. But make no mistake, you are making those choices every single day. They start now and they never end.


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