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K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid – K.I.S.S.

Whether you are just starting your mission to a stronger, healthier, better version of yourself or if you have been on this journey for some time, it is easy to get caught up in the “newest” technology, trends, gadgets, etc. thinking there is an easier or better way to get where you are trying to go.

Truth is, the tried and true are often THE BEST way to get things done. Some iron, sneaks, and the discipline to just show up is more than 50% of the battle. Couple that with a journal to log your training, sound eating principles (real food, slow down, stop at 80% full), and some real good sleep to recover. Then you have a solid plan of action.

My very high tech way of tracking my training

My very high tech way of tracking my training

Its not sexy. There will not be any colorful graphs charting your results. Just you knowing  you put in the work and took care of the rest. You owning it instead of relying flashy gimmicks or trying to look cool in your latest $100 t-shirt.

When in doubt – K.I.S.S.

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