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Tips For Getting Back On Track After Vacation

How to Get Back Into It

It’s the last month of summer, and most of us have gone – or are about to go – on vacation. Vacation is a great time to relax, de-stress, and for many people, put some of their fitness to good use outside the gym. But it can also mean a few weeks away from workouts, and less than optimal food (and beverage) choices. So how do you get back on track when you get back?

1. Plan ahead with meals 

When you get back, choose a day you can dedicate a few hours to do a meal and schedule plan for the week. Having healthy food on hand will make transitioning back a little more seamless.

2. Schedule your workouts for the next two weeks

It also helps to create a workout schedule for the next week or two. Sign up for classes early. Plan when you will do CrossFit or strength, when you might do cardio or any other activities in which you normally engage.  Having a schedule makes it harder to bail, which can be easy to do when you’d rather have a beer on the patio outside.

A sample schedule for 1 week might look like this:

MONDAY – 7:00 AM CrossFit

TUESDAY – Running (3-4 miles)

WEDNESDAY – 5:30 AM CrossFit

THURSDAY – Active recovery (walking, moderate hiking)

FRIDAY – 5:30 AM CrossFit

SATURDAY – Active cardio (bike, run, hike)

SUNDAY – Active recovery (walking)

3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

Every time I find myself returning to healthier habits after some time away, I find that it helps to mentally prepare myself for some discomfort. I’m going to be a little hungry sometimes, going to have sugar cravings once in a while, workouts will seem harder for a week or so. Mental prep for those feelings can serve two purposes:

  1. Allow you to prepare for them – I drink tea or coffee to combat some of the mid afternoon hunger/sugar cravings I know are coming
  2. Because you’re prepared, it’s easier to shrug off. “Oh, I expected to be a little hungry around 3 PM this week, but it’ll go away by next week.”

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