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Jefferson Curl

Thursday TIP: Get Your Jefferson Curls On!

Today’s Tip is a powerful one and something that I recommend everyone work into their post workout stretching/mobility routine. The Jefferson Curl.

I have linked an article written by Gymnastics Bodies, an excellent resource for your own future reference. With the amount of time we spend in spinal extension, this movement is an awesome way to add balance. As stated in the article, start light and build your way up. You will begin seeing the benefits quickly!

Start by standing on a box with a light weight in your hands in front of you. Begin the movement by tucking your chin into your chest and then slowly rounding your back ONE VERTEBRAE at a time letting the weight pull you down to the bottom. Once there, pause for a count and then slowly reverse the motion again focusing one vertebrae at a time. Be sure to keep your weight on the ball of your feet to maximize the stretch (I know the diagram shoes the person leaning back, don’t). Perform 1 set for 8-10 reps.


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