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CrossFit Boston was founded by Neal Thompson in 2005. We are proud to be the pioneer for CrossFit in the New England area. Being the 1st affiliate in Boston and the 22nd worldwide we have taken on the challenge to change the very idea of what it means to be fit!

From a humble beginning in Roxbury, Coach Thompson has trained some of the most successful coaches and CrossFit business owners in the greater Boston communities. His experience and commitment to each athlete has helped to spread the CrossFit movement.

The incredible coaching staff is mentored and taught by Coach Thompson. They all bring different levels of expertise in the area of exercise science, strength and conditioning and CrossFit certification specialties. CrossFit Boston provides the very best in CrossFit training.


We believe CrossFit is for everyone! We invite you to join our community of dedicated members. CrossFit Boston has become a leader in helping all people regardless of age, gender or fitness experience achieve a higher level of health.

CrossFit is NOT just a workout. It is a way of living and we are passionate about changing the lives of all of our members.

CrossFit is NOT easy. It requires a great deal of work to achieve your goals. When you walk through our doors you will immediately become part of a community that is both supportive and demanding. We push each other to stick with goals. Quitting is not an option. Life is full of mediocrity and status quo but here at CrossFit Boston we strive to improve every day and lead by example.

CrossFit in its finest is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. Constatntly varied includes the time duration of workouts (short to long), load movements (light to heavy), the mixture of movements (bodyweight, gymnastic, weightlifting, running and jumping).

We define functional movements as those that activate multiple muscle groups and mimic movements in daily life and sport. For example ~ picking up a heavy object from the ground, pushing, pulling, jumping, running, etc.

Intensity is at the core of how we train. Intensity is relative to each person’s current level of fitness. Training at the upper margins of one’s ability forces adaptations and positive results. Success in improving ones performance and achieving goals requires training with intensity.

Everyday we are challenged by an environment that is increasingly stressful. Here at CrossFit Boston we remain positive about the possibilities of each member’s abilities. New goals are reached, old fears and doubts conquered. We support each other whether it’s the top athlete training for the Open Games or a new member who has never done a single deadlift. We are here because we care!