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10 Jan 2015


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2 person team (split up any way)

25 G2OH (165/105#)
50 K2E
100 Situps
150 DU’s

09 Jan 2015


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35 Min AMRAP:
1k Row
10 OH Lunge (95/65#)
20 T2B
30 DU’s
Plank – accumulate 5 min

09 Jan 2015

010915 – FIRE IT UP!

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Today marks the first full week of being in the new space. It’s definitely coming together as we make adjustments to what works best in the configuration. I appreciate everyone’s patience as it is a work in progress. We have some great plans for some adjustments that will take the space to the next level!


It is Fire It Up Friday! It’s 2015! What are you working on this year? Where can you dial in to get a little bit better? Coach Divine of Unbeatable Mind has a saying that, “Everyday give 100% to becoming 1% better.” Think about that. If you got 1% better each day, what would that look like in three months? A year? Two years?

That being said, Jason “Sager Juice” has rocked out two huge PR’s this week and has been ringing the PR Bell like a boss! Who else has been able to rock the Bell? Post it up to comments.


I would like to highly recommend Live Like That by Lisbeth Darsh. I have Lisbeth since 2006 when she first got into CrossFit and became an affiliate owner in Watertown, CT. Her professional career was first as a writer, which shined through in her many blog posts, Words With Lisbeth. Lisbeth soon moved on from being a gym owner and relocated to Santa Cruz, CA working for CrossFit HQ until last fall.

She next began compiling all of essays and was seeking funding. I am proud to say that, through Kickstarter, I was one of those contributors that helped her publish her first book. I received my copies yesterday in the mail and I have had difficulty putting it down. Allow me to share this one essay with you. It happens to be the very first one from the book.

The Light Up Ahead

I am never convinced that anything I write is more helpful or useful or beautiful than Bruce Springsteen’s simple, “Hold on brother, there’s a light up ahead.”

That’s what we want, isn’t it? Someone to tell us to hang on, to endure, to persevere. That there is a relief coming from whatever battle we have suddenly found ourselves in the midst of, or a break from whatever sadness has wrapped its cloak around us. That somewhere, somehow, life is going to improve in the future.

Or maybe it’s just me. But I want it.

And I think you do too. That’s why you’re reading right now. And that’s why I write it: I need to hear it, again and again and again. It seems every single one of my notebooks over the years has this entry in it: “Hold On.”

Life gets dark sometimes. We lose jobs, we lose friends, we lose loved ones forever. We come in last place, again and again. It’s easy to get angry, sad, to get bitter. Go ahead, get mad…for a little while.

But then, if we are smart, we pick ourselves up and we get better. Because it’s just life, after all — the grand mark that’s been going on since humans first started walking the Earth.

You aren’t the first one ever to lose. And you won’t be the last.

The good news? Hold on brother, there’s a light up ahead.

“If we live long enough in this world, we will have our hearts broken. Do they heal? Well, maybe not fully, completely, ever. But in the cracked and broken pieces, that’s where the light shines through. We walk in the world forever after with more depth, more sensitivity, more compassion. Our love affair with the world begins with a broken heart.” Marilyn Sewell

When I first read this essay, I was floored with how powerful it is. It is remarkable. Read it again. Pass it along to a friend. Who knows when he or she will really need it and it will help them get to the light up ahead.


08 Jan 2015


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TGU’s – 10 Min (BB optional)
a. Press – 5RM then 3×5@ 90%
b. 3xME Stric CTB Pullups
12 Min AMRAP
3 Wall Climbs
Ground 2 OH (135/95)
36 DU’s

07 Jan 2015


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F. Squat – Build to heavy single in 15 min — then–
15 Min EMOM
1 Thruster (off ground) @ 60% of 
4 OTB Burpees
3 x 15-20
Russian Twists
GHD Situps

06 Jan 2015


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Snatch 1RM
Open 14.4 (14 Min cap)
60 cal. row
50 T2B
40 WB (20/14#)
30 Clean (135/95#)
20 MU’s

05 Jan 2015


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DU’s – 5 min
1a. Bench – 5RM then 3×5 @ 90%
1b. BB Row 3×5
5 RFT:
15 OHS (95/65#)
15 CTB Pullups

05 Jan 2015


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Pistol practice – 5 min
Back Squat – Build to heavy Single in 15 min
P. Clean & P. Jerk (135/95#)
10 Pistols & 30 Du’s (b/w each round)

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03 Jan 2015


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5 Rounds:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats

Rest 3 Minutes b/w rounds

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01 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

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It is 2015 Baby! This is going to be an epic year as it is our 10th Year Anniversary. Hard to believe that it has been that long and yesterday we completed our 4th relocation of our gym. If you have not yet seen the space here is a video of the 95% completed project.


A HUGE Thanks to all that were able to help out the last few days. It would have been impossible to get it done as quickly as we did without you all. To the STAFF, thanks for putting in the extra time and pushing forward to get it all done. They were long days but you all just kept plugging away and it looks great!

With this year being our 10th Anniversary, we are going to have lots of fun events and activities to enjoy in. Beginning on the 17th with the Whole Life Challenge and MetroWave Fitness for hydrostatic measurements for body composition testing. Then we have the “Pick Your Own Damned Partner” Throwdown at the end of the month. Come February we are going to have a “Couples” co-ed Throwdown so be on the look out for that one as well. These are just the tip of things to come.


Friday we will be holding 2 Classes to launch the new space:




Saturday we will be back to regular schedule with classes at 8, 9, 10, and 11.

For those that have yet to make it in and see the new space, the address is:

100 Holton Street
Rear Unit (behind Dance In Motion)
Boston, MA 02135


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