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24 Jan 2015

Snow Day Make Up

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Tomorrow we will remain open after the 9:30AM class until 12pm. If you missed your workout tomorrow you can come on in and use the facility. The only class will be the 9:30AM but Open Gym will be available.


24 Jan 2015


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Straight Bourbon
Teams of 4 split up work however, 1 person working @ a time unless annotated*
2 Rounds:
15 Rope Climbs (each person MUST do at least one)
20 Unison Pushups* (Up & down must be done together)
50 arms interlaced situps
75 P. Cleans (135/95#)
100 Deadlifts (225/155#)
200 DU’s

23 Jan 2015


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3 or 4 Rounds*:
10 Bear Complex’s (135/95#)
20 CTB Pullups
30 GHD situps
40 T2B
50 DU’s

*If 3 rounds are completed before 25 min complete 4th round. Goal is to work for around 30-35 min.

23 Jan 2015


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Fire It Up! Fire It Up!

First congratulations to Kathryn and Matt on their new marriage! We are happy for the two of you and may you have many years of bliss! An additional congratulations to CrossFit Southie owners Chris and Amy with the birth of their baby boy Bradley.

How are you feeling this week? Strong? Sore? What has been your favorite workout this week? This month?

As was discussed in the Town Hall Meeting, we are continually working out the kinks and getting the gym to where we want it to be. The leaderboards are up along with the New Athlete Level Skills. Look for a blog post next week on how to use those.

This weekend we have the Renegade Rowing Cup race at 8am. All are welcome to participate. Contact Coach Pat for details.

Workout Tracking

All of the workouts are updated in our ZenPlanner workout tracking. You can download the app on your smartphone by uploading to your web browser. It will then ask you to if you want to add the app to your home screen. From there, your log in is your email that you use with us and if you don’t know your password you can request a new one.

This app will also allow you to update contact information, handle payments, etc. So, get back to tracking all of your workouts. If you are not journaling you are not training.


22 Jan 2015


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P. Clean & P. Jerk 3RM (TnG)
15 Min AMRAP
10 Deadlift (225/155#)
20 WB (20/14#)
10 Bar MU’s

21 Jan 2015


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Handstand Walking -5 min
a. B Squat 5 RM then 3×5@ 90%
b. Good Morning 3×10-12 @ 3020 tempo
5 Rounds:
500m row
5m Handstand walk (sub 5 Wall climbs)
5 kb Snatch/arm (1.5/1 pood)

20 Jan 2015


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Thruster 1RM
Double Grace
60 C&J (135/95#)

19 Jan 2015


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MU’s/Bar MU’s – 10 Min
Heaving Sn Balance Build to 1RM
10 OHS @ 65%
15 Pullups
20 OTB Burpees

18 Jan 2015


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Handstand walking – 10 min
a. Press 3RM then 3×3 @ 90%
b. 3xME CTB Pullups
10 Min EMOM
4 Clean (155/105#)

17 Jan 2015


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4 person team, each person rotates through each station per round

4 Rounds:
500m Row
Front Rack Lunge (135/95#)
Box Jumps 20″

If any one teammate stops working, everyone must stop.

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