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12 Aug 2013

CCP Assessment and Weekend Allstars

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This past weekend we had members competing in two different locations in the area. We had the Crossfit Iron & Grit teens competing at CrossFit New England’s Teen Competition in Natick as well as others competing at CrossFit Avalon. I was only able to see the awesome work at the Avalon Throwdown, but from what I understand and what I saw, ALL competitors represented our gym well. Hannah Pelofsky received the “Sprit of the Games Award” at the teen competition! Congratulations Hannah! Another B.I.G. shout-out to Cori Bernardi and Katie “Labonte” Telepciak for their outstanding performance at Avalon. Unfortunately we don’t know how well they placed because of a last minute change in scoring, but I believe they scored 2nd and 3rdrespectively! Great job ladies!


There’s one more thing I’d like to talk about today. I have enrolled in a Coaches Certification Program with the first section focusing on Assessment of athletes. This will allow me to better understand how to work with athletes in order to get them to move better, faster. There are really two parts to the assessment. One is a caliper body fat assessment (but doesn’t give a %), and the other is a movement assessment. I will need to do this assessment on 20+ members. I am offering up an offer to do this assessment for free to the first 20 members who approach me with interest. All additional members that wish to go through the assessment will be charged $50 for the evaluation and any follow up evaluations. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to ask me or send me your questions at [email protected]

12 Aug 2013

WOD {August 12, 2013}

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  • Assistance Strength

    1a. Handstand Push ups – 6×3 as deep as possible
    1b. Rope climb – 6×2 ascents/descents

  • Metcon
  • Metcon (Time)
    Complete reps of 21-15-9-15-21 of…

    Hang squat clean, 95#/65#
    Knee to elbows

11 Aug 2013

WOD {August 11, 2013}

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  • Metcon
  • 500m Row (Time)
    Max Effort 500m Row
  • Rest
    2 minutes
  • Metcon (Time)
    Row 1k @ 500m pace plus 10 seconds
  • Rest
    3 minutes
  • Metcon (Time)
    Row 2k @ 500m pace plus 20 seconds
10 Aug 2013

WOD {August 10, 2013}

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  • Metcon
  • Metcon (Weight)
    Complete every minute on the minute for 15 minutes…
    2 snatch @ 75%
  • Metcon
  • Isabel (Time)
    For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#
09 Aug 2013

Fire it up! – August 9

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All right!  It’s another Friday and its time to look back on the week.  The programming brought three heavy days of lifting and you all didn’t disappoint.  We performed maximum reps at 85% for the back squat, bench press, and deadlift and many of you established new estimated one rep maxes increasing your work capacity.  At these higher percentages it should be expected that you will be only able to achieve a few reps.  A good score will be in the 4-8 rep range.  Of course there will always be exceptions to this but if you are able to complete more than 10-12 reps, then your numbers are slightly off and need to be recalculated.

CrossFit Avalon Throwdown & CrossFit New England Teen Competition

This Saturday we have athletes competing at both CF Avalon and CF New England.  If you are in town, head out and show your support for fellow members.  It is always great to hear your name from the crowd while you are pushing through a tough workout.

The competition at Avalon (Charlestown, MA) begins at 11:30 and will end by 3:30pm.  The teens at CrossFit New England (Natick, MA) will begin at 9am and end around 3pm.  If you have never been to a throwdown, I highly recommend it as the energy is awesome!

What’s On Tap

Next week we are going to focus quite a bit on pushing our own body weight around.  Specifically, we are going to train handstand push ups and dips.  Be sure to mobilize the shoulder to keep it nice and healthy as we move on.  Here’s what’s in store:

Saturday August 10
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
2 Snatch @ 75%

Complete 30 reps for time…
Snatch 135#/95#

Sunday August 11
Complete for time…
Max effort row 500m
rest 2 minutes
Row 1000m @ 500m pace +10 seconds
rest 4 minutes
Row 2k @ 500m pace +20 seconds

15 minutes of mobility work – target any “hot” areas

Monday August 12
1a. Handstand push-ups 6×3 (as deep as possible)
1b. Rope climbs 6×2 ascents/descents

2. Complete reps of 21-15-9-15-21 for time…
95#/65# Hang squat clean
Knee to elbows

Tuesday August 13
Thruster – 50%/5, 60%/5, 70%/3, 80%/max reps and then back down

Complete for time…
75 Double unders

7 rounds
15 Wallball shots, 20#/14#
15 Pull-ups

75 Double unders

Wednesday August 14
1. Snatch balance – work up to a heavy single in 10 minutes

2. “Randy”
Complete 75 reps for time…
Snatch 75#/55#

3a. Handstand push-ups-6×3 (deep as possible)
3b. Bent over row-6×6 (heavy as possible)

Thursday August 15
“Pull-up Madness” – with a continuous clock perform 1 pull-up on the first minute, two pull-ups on the second minute, three pull-ups on the third minute…continue as long as you can complete the corresponding number of pull-ups as the time

Tabata Intervals
Air squats

Friday August 16
Complete every minute on the minute for 20 minutes…
5 Burpees
1 Squat clean, 185#/125#

rest 10 minutes

Run 500m – max effort

Saturday August 17
1a. Dips 6×3 (as heavy as possible)
1b. L-sit holds 6 x max effort

2. Complete reps of 9-15-21 for time…
Push press 115#/75#
Swings 32kg/24kg
Air squats

Get after it! See you all in the gym and FIRE IT UP!

09 Aug 2013

WOD {August 9, 2013}

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  • Gymnastics

    Practice for 20 minutes…

    Muscle ups
    Double unders

  • Metcon


  • Metcon (Time)
    Complete 7 rounds for time…

    200m run
    15 Thrusters, 115#/75#

08 Aug 2013

WOD {August 8, 2013}

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  • Weightlifting
  • Deadlift (55%/5, 65%/3, 75%/3, 85%/max reps then back down, Weight)
  • Metcon
  • Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
    Complete as many rounds plus reps in 12 minutes as you can of…

    10 Deadlift, 185#/125#
    10 Step-ups, 24″/20″

The Renegade Rowing Team is training for the Rumble on the River September 14th at CRI!

The Renegade Rowing Team is training for the Rumble on the River, September 14th at CRI!

An easy goal to kick-start a training cycle and get yourself motivated is picking an event to compete in.  As we come to the end of Summer and Fall picks up there are tons of fun competitions to look forward to.  Earlier this year I committed to running a half-marathon in Newport, RI in October.  This week I found out that I received a singles bid to row at the Head of the Charles in October.  Next weekend I’ll be heading up to CrossFit North Shore with CrossFit Boston for a little throwdown action.  Long story short, I have a lot of fun training to look forward to in the coming months.

What are you training for in the next couple of months?

 Who are you training with?  Challenge a training partner to compete with you.  Share what competitions you’re training for to comments!

07 Aug 2013

WOD {August 7, 2013}

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  • Weightlifting
  • Bench Press (55%/5, 65%/3, 75%/3, 85%/max reps then back down, Weight)
  • Metcon
  • Metcon (Time)
    Complete 6 rounds for time…

    Row 500m
    20 Push-ups

06 Aug 2013


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Note: I had planned on writing an awesome post on creatine for today. But on Tuesday I made the soul crushing discovery that I have misplaced the USB that has all of my research and documents from 2007 to the present, including all of the reports I’ve done on creatine. So, for now, enjoy this post about hydration, and stay tuned for said awesome post on creatine next week, when I either find my USB or have enough time to re-do all my research. 

photo 3It’s been hot this summer. While we’re flirting with fall weather this week, the weatherman tells me the heat and humidity will be back by the weekend. Dehydration – when your body does not have enough fluid to function normally – happens when you lose more fluid, usually from sweating, than you are able to take in. You are considered to be in a state of dehydration when you lose 2-3% of your body weight in fluid. At a loss over 3% of your body weight – which for a 150 lb person is 4.5 lbs –  you can begin to see impairment in motor function and mental ability – meaning you will start to feel confused, uncoordinated, and fatigued.

How much water do you need? On average you need about 30 milliliters (ml) of fluid per kilogram (kg) of body weight to maintain hydration. For most people this is around 2 liters, or the commonly suggested “8 glasses a day”. However there are many factors that can increase the amount of fluid you need. These include:

  • Weight – People who weigh more need more water. So while a 120-pound athlete needs just under 7 glasses of water per day, his or her 180 pound coach would need a little over 10 glasses to stay well hydrated.
  • Climate – Dehydration can occur in all types of weather. When it is hot you lose more water to sweat, and in colder weather you may not sweat as much but you will lose more fluid during breathing. Yes, you can lose fluid this way! The average person loses about 500 ml, or 2 cups, of water per day simply breathing. And according to one study, you can lose 42% more water, or almost a cup, when you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose.
  • Altitude also increases fluid needs, and experts recommend those exercising at higher altitudes drink 3-4 liters of water per day.

Hydration for Athletes

The number you just found is the amount of water you need before accounting for exercise. During exercise, you will need to drink some extra water. For optimal hydration, and give your body time to get rid of any excess fluid, drink 2-3 ml per pound of body weight 4 hours before exercise. Try to drink 8 ounces of water 15 minutes beforehand, and then continue to drink during the workout. A good rule is to drink enough water so that you feel energized and avoid thirst, but don’t drink so much that you feel full. This usually adds up to around 8-16 ounces per 30-60 minutes of exercise. After training you will have lost some fluid and need to replace it. Generally, the recommendation is to weigh yourself before and after practice, and drink 24 ounces of water for every pound you lost. After a few practices you will get an idea of how much you normally lose, and won’t have to do this very often.

Electrolytes also play an important role in hydration. The most common electrolytes are:

Sodium regulates the total amount of water in the body and maintains the proper function of nervous, muscular, and other systems.

Chloride helps maintain a normal balance of body fluid.

Potassium is responsible for regulating heartbeat and muscle function and is important in neuron function. Extreme high or low potassium levels can cause irregular heartbeat, which can be fatal.

Bicarbonate maintains the right amount of acidity in the blood and bodily fluids. *This is important because muscle cramping is most often related to an accumulation of acid in the muscles.

When you sweat, you lose electrolytes in addition to fluid. Gatorade, and most other recovery drinks, have 100-120 mg of sodium, and the following foods have at least that much, if not more, in a common serving size: salted nuts and seeds, trail mix, deli meat, eggs, most dairy products, canned tuna, humus, olives, pickles, and raw or cooked spinach. Most sports drinks contain about 30-90 mg of potassium, but this electrolyte can be replaced by eating foods such as raw nuts, yogurt, milk (or chocolate milk), fish, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans, peaches, and melons. Most of the time, unless you are training for an extended period (greater than 90 minutes) or in very hot or humid weather, sports drinks are generally not needed to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance.

But…don’t overdo it! While it is important to maintain fluid balance and avoid dehydration, it is possible to become over hydrated. This happens when you drink significantly more water than is lost with sweat, causing sodium levels to drop. Your body likes things to be in a nice, balanced place, and when things get too high or too low your body will tell you. Low sodium levels usually mimic heat stroke symptoms, and let you know something is up with dizziness, headaches, nausea, irritability, and confusion. Over hydration happens primarily with endurance athletes (marathon runners or cyclists, for example) and as a power athlete your risk for this is not as high. But it is important to keep in mind, especially if you’ve been hydrating well in hot weather and still feel like you might have heat illness. If this happens to you, stop training, and have a sports drink or eat something salty.

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