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Do You Shop Organic?

What is Organic? "Organic” means the food was produced with agricultural methods that facilitate cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and maintain biodiversity. Organic production does NOT involve pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, or genetic engineering. Organic Labeling There are a few ways organic foods can be labeled. Foods…

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Fire it Up Friday - July 12th Edition

Are you ready? It's Friday baby and it's time to Fire It Up! My wife likes to tease me that my favorite word is "excited" and that I say it all of the time. She may be correct but it is an accurate description of how I feel each and…

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How Do You Prepare Kale?

Up until this year I was not the biggest fan of kale. But since it started showing up in my CSA every week, I figured out what to do with it.  Here are 3 of my favorite kale recipes. How do you prepare/cook kale? 1. Kale with dried apples Ingredients…

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Fire It Up Friday! 4th of July Edition

Fire It Up Baby!  The grill that is. The celebration of this great country's independence has come and gone.  Yesterday was a blast with more than 50 members, friends, and guests honoring departed CrossFit Boston member Glen Doherty.  Many stayed for quite a few hours afterwards to partake in some…

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The Argument for Seasonal Foods

Different seasons mean different things: fall is college football, summer is beach season, and winter is marked by the Holidays. Food used to be the same way. Have you ever noticed that Strawberries are best in the summer, that all of a sudden come September there are about 10 more…

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Fire It Up Friday - 4th of July & Wanna Throwdown Series Kick-off

FIRE IT UP!  FIRE IT UP! June is coming to a close and we are about to kick off our in house "Wanna Throwdown Series" with the first WOD tonight beginning at 6:30pm.  Just a reminder that there will not be any regular 6:30pm class on Friday nights for the…

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