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Old Man Wisdom

This one is for the members 30 and above. You young-uns under 30 can't/won't appreciate it yet so skip this one. ;-) Reduction in recovery capacity- less stimulation, more active recovery The first thing to remember is that, as you age, you can still TRAIN for the same number of…

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Winter Blues

When Old Man Winter finally arrives and dumps snow on us by the feet and the days are short and dark, it is easy to develop the winter blues. It is critical to get out and move. Our bodies are meant to move and we feel best when we do…

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The Role of Movement in Your Fitness

The human body is an incredibly complex machine. There are many systems involved in how it functions and how well it functions. Today lets look at the role of movement in your fitness. Specifically the quality of that movement. In addition to the body being complex, it is inherently lazy.…

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Our Crew Spotlight - Power Couple Lori Kiel and David Brown

I had the opportunity to recently get to know one of Our Crew Fitness' Power Couple - Lori Kiel and David Brown. I am a big believer that a relationship where both parties are committed to not only each other but each others health and fitness is a huge plus…

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The Role of A Coach

Here at Our Crew Fitness, we pride ourselves on being Coaches, not just being a group class instructor or a trainer. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those roles but we believe there is more to your success than those can provide. First, what exactly is a…

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