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Fire Up The End Of The Year Scheduling! PROGRAMMING WEEK 51, WK 2

Holiday Schedule: Christmas through New Years Day We will be open for the WOD only on Saturday, Christmas Eve. We will post to all channels as to what time the workout will be so you may plan ahead if you are around for the day. There will not be any…

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Strength and Getting What You Want From Training

The way I see it, you can train your body and mind any way you want. You can elicit the response you want most out of your body depending on how you go about training for that specific adaptation.  For example, if your goal is to jump a certain height, you…

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Calories In V. Calories Out

It's that simple right? Eat less, you will lose weight. Eat more, you will gain weight. Maybe its not. Read on from our friends at Precision Nutrition... Despite working out consistently and intensely, plus eating carefully, you’re not losing weight (or not losing it as fast as you’d like or expect).…

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"Our Crew" - Spotlight on Raegan Schleehauf (Thomas)

Reagan just recently celebrated her 6th year of training with us here at Our Crew Fitness/CrossFit Boston. She started with us at our 2nd location back in Roxbury Crossing as a 7am class attendee, transitioned to Allston, and here now in Brighton. Raegan has some of our best stories EVER being…

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There are only 2 weeks remaining in 2016. With 2017 comes a new beginning. Take some time to begin reflecting on this year. What went well? What not so well? What would you do different if your fitness was greater? What wouldn't you have been able to do if you didn't…

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Thursday Training Tips - The First Pull of the Clean

Coach Bill got on the mic and breaks down the first pull of the clean. Be sure to watch this video as we are now on the squat clean cycle and you want to get the most out of what is truly the most powerful movement we can train in…

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