Buffalo Wings and T-Shirts!

Buffalo Wings and T-Shirts!

Buffalo Wings and T-Shirts!

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Hey guys! Our Buffalo wing gathering is on for this Sunday at 4 PM at Silvertone (69 Bromfield Street, Downtown) Buff’s Pub (317 Washington Street, Newton). For those without cars, we can meet at the gym at 3:30 and carpool in together. If you haven’t yet emailed me to let me know you’re coming, please do so at [email protected] Also, I’m curious to see how many people would be interested in snagging a classic CFB05 t-shirt (and in what colors and sizes), should they become available again. Comment away!


  • By Mickey Grouse 08 Aug 2014

    Ah, good catch, Amanda! Let’s switch it up to Buff’s Pub in Newton. Why don’t we meet at the gym at 3:30 PM on Sunday and go from there? I can fit three to four additional people in my vehicle.

  • By Audrey 08 Aug 2014

    Blue, red, pink for the shirts. Women’s specific sizes would be great.

  • By Linh 08 Aug 2014

    Medium/Small blue, black, purple, orange, anything but pink.

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