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Kid Athlete of the Month
11 Nov 2013


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CrossFit is a sport I believe everyone can participate in. I especially see this in the kid athletes of CrossFit Boston. Every new kid I have the opportunity to coach brings to our community a new perspective. Ashley is a young lady who at 10 years old is already competing in triathlons and is a competitive swimmer. My job is to help her learn the movements of the lifts and in the process love CrossFit. I consider my efforts a success when kids can’t wait for practice. Ashley is the athlete of the month because she is always an avid learner and excited to try every single movement I throw her way. Power cleans, heaving snatch balance and rope climbs are just the beginning! She also got on the board for the 7 AMRAP Burpee challenge…not easy for the most experienced CrossFit athlete. She didn’t stop once!

This is Ashley’s story….

This is my story and how I came to like CrossFit. Every year I spend my summer in Italy and when I came back to Boston this year in September 2013 my parents told me they met Tina, a great CrossFit coach and asked me if I was interested to meet her. I agreed and the next day I went to CrossFit Boston. 

I have been swimming competitively for five years and I also do triathlons when the weather is nice. I decided that CrossFit could help me get IMG_1372stronger and I would learn good dry-land exercises.

I see Tina twice a week and love doing the WODs she makes me do. When I learn new exercises, Tina calls me “Speedy Gonzalez” because I tend to speed ahead. She also teases me because she says my feet are wobbly (due to swimming) and I am learning to keep them rooted to the ground! Since I started in September, I have been working with Tina to become a better athlete and I feel I am on the right path. I run faster and I am learning to use weights. My favorite exercise is the rope climbing. I can get all the way up to the ceiling panels on the ropes. I love CrossFit, I think everyone should try it (my father first)!

22 Apr 2013


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The CrossFit experience is about community. As crossfitters we know the benefits of living healthy and training with a group of people committed to improving their performance, crushing WODs and conquering the infamous “Goats” that nag at us. But what I think is most important is that we do this together and create a bond in the achievements and set backs of every WOD we finish. Our KID athlete of the month is only in 2nd grade and she is going in the record book as our youngest athlete at CrossFit Boston! She came to us from CrossFit Stamford in September. I wasn’t going to have a Lil’ Pups program but her dedication made an impression and motivated me to open the kids program to younger athletes. Her dad Isa is a CrossFit enthusiast and is a member of Crossfit City Line. Thank you for bringing Maya to CrossFit Boston!

In Maya’s WORDS:

I first started doing crossfit in Stamford, CT in June of 2012. I had two other friends in my first class, Sophia and Page. Our coaches, Melissa and Claudia, designed special WODs for us.  After we moved to Newton, my dad found CrossFit Boston Iron & Grit and I started crossfitting with Tina in September and I have been working with her.

Since I started crossfitting I became a better and faster skier, and stronger too.  My dad says that I gained a lot of self-confidence. My favorite move is skin the cat. And I also workout at CrossFit City Line with Jenna and Mat. I really like CrossFit.