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Movement Fix

When it comes to restoring our natural range-of-motion, a lot of us don't know where to begin. Once a limitation has been identified, inevitably the next question we get asked is "How do I fix it?". While I understand that…

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Mind, Body & Soul

Hello Friends! First thing, there is NO MORE mobility class on Wed. night. There is only a class on Saturday mornings at 8am! If you would like to have more time to mobilize, get some friends together for some small mobility classes!…

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Hey Ya'll! Happy Monday!Back to the grind, working hard, and giving your body some peaceful attention! That means MOBILITY, NOT "STRETCHING"! So, here is our direction this coming week, we are on for Wed. and Sat. YOU are going to pay…

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Being mindful, makes you powerful. In the sense, of connecting your mind to your body, to be mindful means to live in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness cultivates understanding, awareness, and  it restores the natural and empowering balance of the body,…

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Class time

Hey Guys!  SO…some exciting news! I will be offering a 8am class on Sats! Woo! BUT, here is the situation. I may be dropping Wed., and only have class on Sat. I will see how it goes, the next couple weeks.  The…

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