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On Saturday we have two awesome athletes competing at the CrossFit Southie Showdown. Let’s all go and show our support!

IMG_6121Perhaps you don’t know Carla. She’s fairly new to the gym. I met her last year during the Open Games when she came in to get her WOD done and scored by Neal. She was in Boston on business. We were all amazed by her strength. She relocated in the early fall and joined CrossFit Boston. Her smile is beautiful and she is a wonderful person. You wouldn’t know she’s such an amazing athlete because she’s incredibly humble but every Saturday morning you can see her pushing the sled up and down the street. I think she has even talked CJ into joining her. One of the members has a muscle crush on her…he said her muscle swagger is amazing to watch! If you haven’t had a chance to WOD it out with Carla come cheer her on! We will make an announcement on Facebook about her heat times…stay tuned!

Carla recently turned in a Fran time of 3:42.




The next athlete needs little introduction. He’s our very own favorite Boston Symphony Orchestra trumpet player…Coach Tito! He has been a long time member of the CrossFit Boston family. Since 2010 he has been learning under the tutelage of Neal. In the spring of 2012 he started IMG_8531coaching. He plays full time in the Boston Symphony Orchestra and loves to wear his bright orange NERD socks! He’s also a writer for the Boston Pops.

Clean & Jerk 215
Deadlift 405
Back Squat 300
Front Squat 265
Fran 3:59

All PRs he plans on breaking this year!



Renegade Rowing League is Back!
Announcing the Renegade Rowing League 2013/14


2k Row CRASH-B Style @CFB


December 21st and January 25th


 If you’re in the Boston Area on December 21st come to CrossFit Boston Iron and Grit at 114 Western Ave in Allston, MA at 11am to compete Head to Head CRASH-B Style.  There’s a $15 Entry Fee and prizes for winner’s of all age categories.  There will be holiday drinks and socializing afterwards with athletes from all over the area.


We’ll have 10 ergs hooked up to one another and displayed on the wall via a projector so that competitors and spectators can witness how fast each boat is going.  

Mike and Mike attacking the 2k at the RRL - Are you ready for the Renegade Rowing League?The 2k Row is a test of how much pain and glory athletes can endure over seven to eight minutes.  Grab some friends, come on down, and get after it.  This will be the first of two 2k competitions called the Renegade Rowing League, which is a good lead up to the CRASH-B Indoor Rowing World Championships in February.  Anyone is welcome to come test themselves to see how they stack up.


If you’re interested in competing and bringing your gym shoot me an email at [email protected]  I’ll have a registration link up soon.  All those that compete in the Renegade Rowing League have a shot at a prize if they win their race category.  The Renegade Rowing League will use the same event categories as CRASH-Bs.


Shout out if you’re training for the Renegade Rowing League and CRASH-B’s!

06 Nov 2013

Why Throwdown?

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Top 10 Reasons To Do A CrossFit Throwdown:

10. You’re a sadist and like to see people suffer in pain; except you will be suffering with them…which brings us to 9.

9. You’re a masochist and like to put yourself through pain; except it’s not the kind of pain that makes you antisocial. So we have to disregard 9 and 10. CrossFit is most definitely social and it’s a great place to meet some awesome people…sorry I gave away 8.

8. It’s an incredibly social event where you meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life.

7. You may even meet the person of your dreams—most likely not, I’m a romantic so I had to add it.

6. But you will make new friends. I met Liz Mellen the owner of CrossFit Medusa last year at CrossFit Southie. In the mile run I caught her and passed her only to have her catch me and pass me as we neared the finish. This got us talking afterwards and now I consider her to be a dear friend. Pretty damn awesome!

5. You will connect on a deeper level with the athletes from your box. As they cheer you on you will feel your community pride. It’s a great feeling and it’s what makes CrossFit so frickin great. Community!

4. You will test out new skills and conquer PRs that have been taunting you for some time.

3. You will fail a rep or a lift and find out that the world still goes round and round. Your community will still be standing cheering you on and backing you up. In other words, it’s ok to fail. In fact it’s what makes us better in the end.

2. You will do better then you think. Yes, you will. I go to competitions without knowing how I will do and I’m always amazed that I got through it, kept my cool under pressure and had a blast.

1. You will feel like a beastly person who can get through anything. Resiliency is a quality I believe CrossFit teaches. Bad things happen in life and bad people happen…you have to keep going. You have to know you have a community of people who back you. If you put in an honest days work great things will happen. There will be foolish people who creep in to your surrounding but because you have high standards of integrity and character you will be fine.

All that from one little competition! Who would have thought you could get so much? So, come on, try it. If I can do it, you can. Here are a few competitions to consider competing in or going to cheer on your fellow athletes:

CrossFit Southie Showdown
November 9th  and 10th

It’s this weekend and we have Carla Bezold and Coach Tito competing. It’s a fun one to watch!

Go to the following site for more details: CrossFit Southie Showdown

CrossFit Lando –Battle of The Sexes
December 7th

This is for the serious competitor! They have standards you have to meet in order to compete: Clean and Jerk (Grace weight), Toes to Bar, Handstand Pushups (Regionals “box” standard), Pullups, KB Swings 53/35, Double Unders, Squat Snatch (115/75, low reps)

We have a few CrossFit Boston athletes attending this one.  So far we have Nigel and CJ signing up! If you think you can hang with this group then consider signing up.

Go to the following site to register and let Coach G2 know you are participating!

Battle Of The Sexes Link

North Shore CrossFit ~ Not Your Average Joes Team Competition
January 19th

This one is a must because North Shore CrossFit is a great place, with awesome people. We went out there this summer and had a great time.

Join North Shore CrossFit for our 3rd Annual “Not Your Average Joe’s” Team Competition! This is a FUN event that is strategically programmed, allowing most “average joe” crossfitters to participate! Bring your A-Game for this challenging competition!

Teams of 4: 2 Males/2 Females (team members must train at the same gym)

Three workouts! Basic standards to be announced, and WODs will be announced 24 hours prior to the event!

Registration link will be active this weekend!


CrossFit Boston ~ In House Throwdown
December 14 ~ Saturday

This is our Holiday Throwdown. Instead of morning classes we will have heats that go off at 9 am.  Scaled divisions first, followed by our Rx athletes. You can bring a friend from another box if you want to get a little more social.

CrossFit Boston ~ Renegade Rowing Crash Bs Testing!
December 21

This event will follow the regular scheduled classes for any one interested in testing their skills for the Crash B’s. Coach Pat will be running the show. Members from other boxes will be participating.

And did I mention yet that there is something BIG, very BIG coming to CrossFit Boston on January 4th. It will be announced in the next few weeks…stay tuned!

That’s all for now athletes. And remember your mobility everyday. It makes the difference, keeps away the injuries and helps restore your youthful muscles to a supple state!

Happy Halloween!  I hope you’re planning on dressing up to WOD today!  I’ll be dressing up to coach!


Announcing the 2013 Renegade Rowing Club!


It’s that time of year again.  The weather has gotten cold and no one wants to row in the cold.  Now is the time to get pumped for training in the gym and crushing your 2k on the erg!  The 2013 Renegade Rowing Club will be held at 5:30pm on Monday nights at CrossFit Boston.  Practices will start the Monday after Thanksgiving, December 2nd.  The cost for the Renegade Rowing Club will be $47 per month or $94 for the whole winter.  We will be training for the Renegade Rowing League, which will be held in December and January, leading up to CRASH-B’s.  Who’s game?  Email me if you plan on joining the Renegade Rowing Club, [email protected]  There are only 16 spots available in the club, so let me know sooner rather than later!


Above is a video of the Wayland Weston Men’s Crew Team that I’ve been coaching this Fall.  I wanted to give you all a view of the sport of rowing from the water.  This was their last practice before the Head of the Fish Regatta, which is where that Fish Head came from that I hung on the gym wall earlier this week.  If you’d like to learn to row on the water and get your own fish head someday, it starts in the gym this winter with the Renegade Rowing Club.  Who’s game?

Two years ago when I first came to CrossFit Boston there was talk of creating a Master’s Team. I think after this weekend we can definitely say mission accomplished. Julie Glover, Kari Tannenbaum, Audrey Huang, Nigel Costello, John Zimmer, and me (Sandbag Ramos) participated in the CrossFit New England Master’s Competition. It was a fun group to participate with and cheer on.IMG_1254

Julie walked away with 7th place in the 40-44 age category. Not an easy group of women to top. We started the day with Horsepower. We had 1 minute for max number of reps on the bench press at 65#. This was followed by 30 seconds of rest, and then 1 minute of max reps of Hang Squat Cleans. Julie pulled out 4th place finishes in both of these events.

In Triple Take she took 9th, 19th, and 8th. Most impressive however was capturing 5th in the bonus round of Snatches at 85# after running an agility course that included jumping over 2 hurdles.

Kari came in 7th place overall in her age category. She will be humble and say there weren’t many women in her category but considering she just had surgery 5 months ago I look forward to watching her get stronger.IMG_0992

Audrey is STRONG! She was so impressive on the power snatches. She came in 18th place over all in her age category. She was steady throughout the day. On the obstacle course she missed going around the last kettlebell and had to go back to finish the WOD. She didn’t lose focus and came back strong with the power snatches.IMG_0870

I can’t say I was very impressive but I had such a great time. I came in 18th place out of 24 women. I have some work to do on my strength and Coach Neal gave some pointers afterwards about mobility and core strength work I need to do. I love competing and this was no different.

IMG_1013Nigel is always impressive. On Triple Take he didn’t slow down on the first WOD, thrusters and pull-ups. He was able to continue the momentum on the bench press in horsepower. He fell over on the Hang Squat Cleans and wasn’t able to continue. Every little mistake costs points and time, which is what makes CrossFit competition more about mental endurance and focus. Even if you’re the strongest athlete, if you lose focus it can get you during the WOD.

John takes the prize for best facial expression! He came in 16th place out of 47 men in the 40-44 age category. No sandbaggers in that group! I think that is something to brag about. It was a tough field of athletes. He was so positive and at every corner cheering all of us on. I haven’t had a chance to train with John much but look forward to getting to know him as we continue to grow the team. He is sure to be a leader.IMG_1179

The best part of the day was all the CFB athletes who came to cheer us on. We can’t thank you enough. We all have work to do but we have great leadership from our top athletes. I look forward to our other teammates getting healthy and stronger. Jason Sager and Shirtless Bob were both injured this time around. I would love to see Judith Donath and some of the other women who have never competed give it a try.

This weekend I will be attending a seminar with Eli Thompson from the Boston Posture Center on fascial training for movement and strength trainers. I will be learning more about how to help the body keep healthy while strength training.  I look forward to sharing this new information with all the athletes at CrossFit Boston.

25 Oct 2013

Upcoming Events

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Hey All!

Just wanted to remind y’all of some upcoming events here at CFB.

Saturday – 10/26 – Masters Competition at CFNE

Come and support the “Geezers Squad” at CrossFit New England.  We have Coach Julie, Coach Tina, Audrey, Kari, Nigel, and Z-man representing the gym.  The crew at CFNE run a smooth operation when it comes to competitions so it will be fun to watch.

Thursday – 10/31 – Halloween

Get in the festive spirit and dress up in costume for the day’s WOD.  Pics will be taken and there will be a prize for BEST Costume of the day!

Saturday 11/1 & Sunday 11/2

The gym will be CLOSED as we host a CrossFit Level 1 Cert.  Reebok CrossFit One in Canton, MA, has invited us to their Barbell for Boobs workout/fundraiser.  Here are the details:

Reebok CrossFit ONE is making final preparations to welcome The Barbells For Boob’s PINK BRA TOUR on November 2nd.  This is a fantastic opportunity for CF Boston to gather with the local CrossFit community for an amazing cause. 

WHEN:                  November 2nd , 9am – 1pm (yes, we added an hour!)

WHERE:                Reebok CrossFit ONE (1895 J.W. Foster Blvd, Canton, MA)

WHO:                    All CrossFit owners, coaches, members, kids, friends, and all loved ones!

WHAT:                  In addition to setting a Grace PR, participants can: 

  • Meet, greet and thank the Barbells for Boobs team as they wind up their cross country tour!
  • Shop for Reebok CrossFit gear, including official Barbells for Boobs™ apparel!
  • Be entered into a raffle for a $250 outfitting in Reebok CrossFit gear!
  • Enjoy lunch with Paleo Power Meals – they’ll be serving fresh paleo friendly meals on site!
  • Cheer on your kids as they compete in a “Burpee Grace” heat at 11:30am!
  • Bid on some fantastic silent auction prizes and more!

A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Barbells for Boobs cause and help saves lives through the early detection of breast cancer regardless of one’s age, gender, or ability to pay!  One last exciting announcement – the affiliate with the most members competing in the Grace WOD will win $1,000 in Reebok CrossFit gear.  We hope CF Boston has a HUGE showing! 

Grace heats will begin running at 9:30am and every 10mins after. Anyone interested in throwing down is welcome join us — RX or scaled.  Individuals and teams can reserve their heat times at the event starting at 8am.

Those interested in signing up to become a fundraiser should follow the link below.  Those raising $80 or more will receive an official Barbells For Boob’s Pink Bra Tour t-shirt!


If you don’t want to compete, but want to help please contact Bryant Mitchell at[email protected] to see how you can help!

Monday – 11/4 – FRAN Challenge

Beginning at 5:30pm we will running the second portion of the FRAN Challenge.  PROGENEX  will be on hand with samples and the energy will be super high!

24 Oct 2013

Elvon’s Story…

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CrossFit BostonI want to introduce you to one of our newest athletes—Elvon. He is a student from Brighton High School and taking part in our Fundamentals Program. Elvon is part of a pilot program started for Brighton High School students who have cognitive disabilities. About a month ago I received a call from an adaptive teacher from the Boston Public Schools, his name is Jason Meade. I was so impressed with the level of commitment he has for his student that I couldn’t say no.


What really hooked me is that Mr. Meade was previously a football coach and left that prestigious job to work with students like Elvon. I asked him if he didn’t prefer to work in a job with more status and his reply made me smile for days. “I use to think like that, but then I met these kids. When they turn 19 they have less and less activities available to them. Do you think you can help Elvon?”


The question isn’t can I help, it’s how do we make this work. I decided it was best for Elvon to have private training for at least the first 15 sessions. All it costs is my time and I figured that I could find 1-2 more hours a week for Elvon. If I can help him learn the movements and become acclimated to the gym environment he will be ready for group training. In August we switched our point of entry for all athletes to our Fundamentals Program. I’ve seen how well this has worked for the newest members and I thought I would give this a try with Elvon. It’s working!!


Just three weeks in he has already been welcomed by many of the CrossFit Boston athletes. He smiles all the time and when I ask him if he liked the training he says a resounding, “yes, I like a lot.” Elvon arrived in our country two years ago and doesn’t have strong verbal skills but I know that he is absorbing everything going on around him. In our first session I was trying to teach him the concept of full range of motion. He got it with the push-ups and proved to be balanced and strong. On the pull-ups however he couldn’t understand why I was telling him they didn’t count if he didn’t fully extend his arms. He never gets frustrated but I was wondering how to best communicate what I meant. Using complicated sentences and long explanations isn’t an option. I emailed his teacher, Mr. Meade, the weekly report and explained the situation. On Saturday when we went to work on pull ups Elvon smiled and said “Coach tell me to go full down.” Yes! He got it and he was proud that he understood what I was trying to explain. Next on the list, start to teach him to kip.


We are moving into the power movements next. I’m a little worried I won’t be able to correctly explain how to explode the hips open. We have language differences and I don’t even know his cultural background. Not sure which words will trigger an understanding but I think with patience Elvon will be performing a power clean in 4 more weeks. He was able to perform the deadlift and shoulder press with few cue words and tactical cuing.


I became a coach to help kids like Elvon. I can picture him someday taking Olympic lifting with Coach Julie. I can’t help it, I like to dream BIG!


Approaching Western Ave. Bridge at HOCR!

The Head of the Charles took place last weekend in Boston.  A lot of rowers used the Head to get motivated by setting goals to place in the top 20, top 10, or top 3.  If you got a chance to check it out please share your thoughts and pictures.  Did witnessing one of the most awesome rowing events in the world get you motivated to commit to your own goals or an upcoming event?


I’m looking forward to getting the Renegade Rowing Club up and running for the winter and training for CRASH-B’s.  More details on the Renegade Rowing Club and the Renegade Rowing League will be out next Thursday, so keep a look out!

Below is an excerpt from a great blog on motivation by Alex Black of Wicked Good Nutrition.  Check it out and tell us how you’re getting motivated this Winter!


The Land of Motivation


Motivation can be tough. It can be hard to find your way to Motivation-land, and once you get there, it can be even harder to stay. It takes at least a month to turn a behavior into a habit, and that month will typically be rife with challenges. Because, you know, the minute you decide to give up sugar or beer the next three social outings your friends plan are a baking pot luck and outing to your favorite craft beer bar…


On top of that, some research suggests it can take up to 3 years to reset your body’s homeostasis (sense of balance) at a new weight. What this means is, if you lose 20 pounds, it can take 3 years before you body recognizes this as its new and healthy weight.


But all that aside, there are a few tricks you can use to help you get motivated and stay motivated. These include:


…Read More!

Experience the Reebok Spartan Race in historic Fenway Park.  The Boston Red Sox are trying to complete a remarkable season in the MLB playoffs.  Now you can get the chance to create your own memories.  On Saturday 11/16 there is a Spartan Sprint. You can register by clicking on the image below.  You can apply the code FINISH10 and get 10% off your registration.



We are taking Pre-Orders for PROGENEX.  If you want anything specific flavors or product shoot me an email: Neal.  Some popular items have been the Recovery Loco Mocha



and the Cocoon Silk Chocolate


I have been using both personally.  The recovery tastes great and the cocoon is helping me get some great sleep.  The order is going to be placed on Monday 10/14 so let me know if you want anything added to the order.

Extreme Endurance by Xendurance

One additional product we have begun carrying is Extreme Endurance by Xendurance.  I have been using it myself for two months now and have noticed improvement with my aerobic capacity and ability to fight off lactic acid build up during CrossFit WODs.  Here is a review posted by The Happy Athlete.

Extreme Endurance is now available in the retail section of our gym.

CrossFit Boston’s very own Renegade Rowing Team has been working hard for eight week now to learn to row together in an eight person crew shell in hopes of crushing the competition at this years Rumble on the River.  Come cheer them on and check out the river!

Get outside, enjoy a walk, and even get some beer!  Check out what’s in store for the Renegade Rowing Team this weekend!

Rumble on the River 2013

Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) is set to host the fourth annual Rumble on the River, a free outdoor music and rowing festival scheduled for Sunday, September 15 from noon to 6:30 p.m. at the Harry Parker Boathouse, 20 Nonantum Rd. in Brighton.

The Renegade Rowing Team will be racing and there are many other activities to check out including live music and a VIP Beer Garden.  Register for access to the Beer Garden here … Rumble on the River VIP Beer Garden Experience!

Hope to see you there!

-Coach Pat

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